The Elements To Fulfill Your Wishes Magically




How to use the four elements of nature for fulfillment of your desires.

Use power of the Fire and the Air — burn a paper or a candle on which was designated your wish, and then scatter ashes before the wind.
Apply force of the water element — use ice as a basis concluding inside itself definition of your dream. Forces of the Earth are latent in stones and crystals, and with the right approach, you can release them.

Take with two hands a piece of rope at its ends. Pull it in the opposite sides with all
your might, imaging that the energy of your desire is moving in the rope. Then wrap the rope around of a white candle. Light the candle, let it to burn through and go out. Store the candle end with the rope as the talisman of fulfillment of the wish.
You can do differently. Having transferred power of the desire to the rope, carry it always with you. From time to time, repeat “power contacts” with the rope, adding each time more and more physical strength and mental aspiration in your actions. When the time for fulfillment of your wish has come, cut the rope in half — release the accumulated energy that will be directed on the realization of the events conceived by you.



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