Crsytal Wishing Spell




If you have a rock crystal, you can involve its special magical force. If you are right- hander, tighten the crystal in the right fist. Lefthander must tighten the crystal in the left fist. Create mental pictures of a necessary event and observe how the heat of your hand is transmitted to the crystal. But it must be not only usual thermal energy, it must be the energy of your desire. You must feel that now you and the crystal are a single whole. All your desires and your aspirations belong to this mineral. When these feelings have achieved the top level and the crystal absorbed the maximum of your heat, raise the hand with the crystal above the head and say these words:
Force of Earth in my hand, Authority of Heavens in my heart. What I want, it will be realized, What I conceive, it will come true.
Lower the hand and conclude:
It’s my word. Let will be so.
Put the crystal into a black pouch and carry it constantly with you. When an optimum moment for fulfillment of your wish has come, tighten again the crystal — right-hander in the left fist, lefthander in the right fist. This time imagine that not you, but the crystal shares its power with you, gives you real forces to realize your plans and goals. Say at this moment inwardly or aloud:
All in my hands, all in my power.
Exactly at this moment, your idea-form starts to operate actively, and all energy saved up in the crystal becomes its main driving force.
You can use the same crystal for fulfillment of other wishes, but don’t wish more than one at once. Power of only one wish must be the internal content of your crystal, and until it will not find an exit, something else will not be perceived at all.



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