Wishing Spell Using Water




Formulate your desire in one short phrase. For example, “Today I shall achieve success”. Write it on a small paper card, using water-resistant ink or paints. Prepare a paper or plastic form, that must has the little more size than a card with your desire. Fill on half the form with water. Place it into a refrigerator. When water has frozen completely, put desire card on the formed ice. Add more water in the form and expose it again to the frost. In finale, you have a bar of ice inside which there is the paper card.
Keep the ice in the refrigerator until then a fulfillment of your wish will be the most probable or desired. When such time has come, take out the ice, put it on a small plate and say such magic words:
I determine the triple law,
The law of a word,
The law of a cause, the law of an effect. By words the law will be confirmed,
By the cause the word will be strengthened, And the idea will find the form.
Leave the plate with the ice alone. During all day, don’t disturb the thawing ice and do your affairs. Magic forces will try to create those coincidences and circumstances which will be optimum for fulfillment your plans. In the evening, pour out the water that remained after thawing of ice, dry and reduce to ashes the card in a flame of a candle.
Such magic action is possible to make each day. In any cases, pose problems for spiritual forces that will be achievable for them. Never ask that has no the right to exist in real life. Be guided by prudence, then you always will can find a secret force which able to become your aide.

If fulfillment of your wish depends on your own decisions and acts, which tomorrow you must do, use the power and wisdom of the most energy-valuable trees. On the eve of the important day, prepare an infusion of oak bark, eucalyptus leaves, and pine needles. When the infusion has got cold, filter and pour it in any nonmetallic form. Place the form in a refrigerator and leave it there over night. In the morning, taking a bath, throw in warm water the formed ice. Being in water, watch for thawing of the ice and imagine how new powers, necessary for fulfillment of the wish, are transferred you.



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