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Voodoo Magic Money Bottle




This spell has its roots in voodoo and originally called for Spanish gold
or silver coins! Adapted for the 21st century, it still retains its power to
draw money to the spellweaver. The ingredients call for five of various
things: ‘5’ like all numbers from ‘1’ to ‘9’ has its own significance. Its
sign is Gemini, so if this spell is cast when that sign rules, it will be all
the more powerful. It is associated with freedom and risk-taking, change,
quick thinking, youth and communication.

You will need:
Five pennies
Five nickels
Five dimes
Five quarters
Five cloves
Five kernels of dried corn
Five cinnamon sticks
Five teaspoons of dried flour
Five sesame seeds
Five pecan nuts
Five allspice
Five grains of rice
One tall, thin glass bottle

Put all the ingredients in the bottle. (As ‘5’ is associated with the colour
turquoise, a bottle of that colour would add potency to the spell.) Ensure
that the top is secure before giving the bottle a good shake for five
minutes and saying such words as:
Copper gleam. Silver shine.
I ask you please to make wealth mine.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Put the money bottle on the table where you leave your wallet and loose
change when you empty your pockets, or, if you make your magic
unknown to others, then you can bury the money bottle near your



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