Tempt A Person Towards Yourself




When a woman wishes to tempt a man, she should feed him with a pie in which was added her sweat. After perspiring in a sauna or very hot bath, strew yourself from the head to the foot with flour. When flour has become impregnated with your sweat, shake off it from you on a paper lying on a floor. Collect this flour in a bowl. Add to it eggs, yeast and other components necessary for dough. Bake a small pie and offer it your beloved.
In a tradition, it should be an apple-pie. Sometimes blood is used instead of sweat for this magic. Sometimes blood or sweat simply added in food or a drink. But very often all it does not bear a desirable result. You must know that it is not enough only to bring bewitching components in food, it is necessary to put a spiritual constituent in it. That is, in this case, kneading dough, you necessarily should imagine that your passion and energy are transferred to it, that this energy will become a source of new feelings and aspirations. Only the combination of the mental movement with secret components of magic food can cause a long love attraction, and not just a brief love excitation.



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