Spell To Tempt Someone To Fall In Love With You




Take a red thread. Its length must be about two yards. Impregnate the thread with rose or jasmine oil and wrap it around of a red candle. If you cannot get oils, you can use tincture of plants. Stick in the candle four pins. Put the candle on a table, set fire to the wick and say:
I don’t light the candle, I kindle love.
I don’t burn the candle, I tempt soul and heart.
Watch how fire decreases growth of the candle. When the candle has burnt to the first pin and this pin has fallen, say these words:
By the first chime, the soul will respond.
At falling of the second pin, say:
By the second chime heart will filled.
At falling of the third pin, say:
By the third chime, the idea will be inspirited.
At falling of the fourth pin, say:
By the fourth chime, the desire will be defined.

When last pin has dropped out from the candle, blow out the flame. Take off the thread from the candle. Spread the thread on a road, a doorway, or tie up with it a door, a drawer of a table, or something else with the expectation that the thread will be broken off by your beloved.
You can do this magic in the different way. Stick in the candle seven (or twelve) needles on a circle so that each subsequent needle was placed below previous. Impregnate a thread with essential oil. Thread the needles top-down clockwise. Light the candle and say already known to you incantation. Burn the candle completely. Keep silence and inaction — but only externally. Make the internal work during burning the candle. Imagine what the result will give your magic. Say, when a flame of the candle has gone out:
The flame die away, and the love is born.
Release the thread from the needles. Use the thread as described above. As soon as the thread will be torn, your magic will start to work. But remember that its influence will be directed only on the one who will be caught in your magical net.



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