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Each physical object has internal power which was given to it by nature or which it has received as a result of certain actions. This power has a constant influence on ambient space and other objects. Could say that we live in the world of constant interactions and power exchanges. That is why our physical and spiritual state, abilities and skills, way of thinking and behavior, mental and visual appeal, our social status and courses of life, can depend on things with which we daily communicate. Thus, choosing one or another object for our milieu, we can change ourselves or our destiny — and it is already magic.

Certainly, different objects have different power, and what is more, various objects have a different volume of the power and have the greater or smaller ability to influence on other objects. Therefore, for the fastest and effective result you should choose the most active objects designed for magic transformations by the nature or specially created for this purpose by hands of people. Such power-valuable objects are named talismans and amulets. It is
necessary to notice that, at different time and in different countries, these terms have had various interpretations.
The word talisman is derived from Arabian words tilism or tilsam which are translated as “a magical picture” or “a magical script” — originally, it was special objects with arcane inscriptions and magical symbols. Talismans were produced from stone, metal, wood, but most frequently, it was a piece of parchment with written magical formulas which must protect an owner of the talisman from disasters or fulfill certain wishes. The most known ancient talisman is so-called “abracadabra” — the word that is read the same in all directions. Usually, it is pictured as a triangle inverted by top downwards and the word is divided into separate letters.

The word amulet is derived from Latin amuletum that is translated as protection from malevolent magic, illnesses, wounds, poisons and other disasters. That is, amulet is thing which gives a protection. At the same time, there is an opinion that the Arabian word hamala (the literal meaning is “to carry”) was a basis for amulet — as a rule, amulets are carried on a neck. The first ancient amulets was made from various materials in the form of sacred creatures, totem animals and parts of a body of people — a scarab, an unicorn, a fish, a key, a hand, a palm, a leg or an all-seeing eye.

Also, it is considered that a talisman supports and strengthens your personal abilities and skills given to you by nature. It creates internal harmony between you and world around, helps you to withstand troubles and difficulties. So, if you use a talisman for getting of riches, you will become more dexterous and dynamical, receive flair to see what can give you a profit, and can avoid unnecessary expenditures and risks. In this case, you have all due to your intuition and new professional qualities given to you by an influence of a talisman. In the capacity of such talisman, parts of a body of various animals, whose qualities want to transmit to a person, are often used — it can be a tooth of a shark or a wolf, a tiger’s claw, or an eagle’s feather.

The main influence of an amulet is directed at the world around its owner, that is, on an outside protection and an obtaining of benefits from other people. In this case, all occurs not due to your personal abilities and skills, but due to a secret movement of outside forces. If you use an amulet instead of a talisman for getting of riches, money can come to you without your active actions. But, at the same time, if you have not professional qualities and skill of handling with money, you can easily lose all your new achievements.

Here, we notice that often the distinction between a talisman and an amulet is rather conditionally. The fact is that it is impossible to consider a person as an isolated object. Any your internal change results in a external change and vice versa — the world around you changes you. Therefore, using something as a talisman, you receive that what an amulet could give you. A development of your internal qualities will result in movement of outside forces, and a change of external movements will give stimulus for occurrence of new personal ability. That is why, in many cases, the words talisman and amulet are considered as synonyms.

In final, it is necessary to say that there are natural and artificial talismans and amulets. That is, natural ones are objects which already by nature have great magic power necessary
for a certain affair and there is no need for any additional actions for their effective work. First of all, it is stones, minerals, metals, herb, saint relics, and things from holy places — gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, stones with unusual natural tracery, bones, seashells, mandrake’s root, holy water, etc.

Artificial talismans and amulets are same natural objects with which special transformations were made — objects are charged by magical power by means of making rituals, uttering of magical formulas, or drawing of special symbols. As a result of this, natural qualities and abilities of the objects are strengthened or the objects get new values, functions, and abilities. These already are not usual objects, but magical devices capable to change a destiny of other things which are in a field of their influence.

Among artificial talismans, graphic talismans have a significant place, and we shall consider them more particularly.

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The Dynamical Talisman

This unusual tool of sorcery consists of four basic parts: Field of Fate (“vector of destiny”) — represents the diagram of unaccomplished destiny of a person, three cubes with the mystical symbols. These symbols (forces personified by them) are capable to bring a harmonious regularity and a necessary sequence in daily events and actions.
The magical cubes are traditionally produced from ivory. But allowably to use usual plastic or wooden cubes. You also can make them from a drawing paper or cardboard. Cut out of drawing paper the three blanks and delineate all mystical symbols on them with a pencil.

Later, the red and black inks will be laid on these pencil markings. Bend the blanks on dotted lines, form and glue cubes. Before completely to glue the cubes, instil into each form melted wax (a paraffin) to which previously add a few drops of essential oil of bergamot or eucalyptus. The wax must repeat the form of the cube and give to it weight and volume. During the next six days, you must draw one symbol per day on each cube with ink.

In the first three day, the symbols must be drawn with black water-resistant ink or paint. On Sunday, paint the first symbol on the first, the second, and the third cube. Wait arrival of Monday, and draw the second symbol on each cube. The third symbols are drawn on Tuesday. If you have reached this place, you have accomplished half of work. All nine symbols, which have been drawn by you, have negative values about which you learn later on.
Now, proceed to symbols of opposite value. And in this case use a red ink. On Wednesday, draw the fourth symbols on cubes. On Thursday, draw the fifth symbols. And on Friday, draw last symbols.
The field of fate must be made on Saturday. Per se, it is a rectangular box inside of which there is the picture of “vector of destiny”. Use for it a small casket. Glue to its bottom a paper card with the picture of “vector of destiny”. Make for it magic ink on the following formula. Add three pinches of salt, three drops of your own blood and one pinch of loose black earth in black ink.

In that day when you will particularly need a success, take the cubes in the right hand, imagine that you give them a part of your personal energy — power of your wish of the happy future and success, and throw all cubes on the field of fate. Look at the top sides of the cubes. On all top sides must be only positive (red) symbols. If it has not happened, and even if on one of cubes there is a negative symbol, you must throw cubes again. Continue to do it as long as the necessary symbols will appear on all three top sides. As soon as it will happen, do not touch the cubes. Leave them in this position. Close the casket and put it in a safe secret place. Move the casket very carefully so that cubes not change their position on the field of fate.

Pay attention, how many attempts and throws was required for arranging of the necessary combination. If you will hit the mark no more than from third time, it is sign of all spirit forces will be today on your side, and you can expect for the biggest success. If symbols were composed only from seventh time, your success also is guaranteed. But when you waste more than twelve throws, spirit forces will not be favorable to you. It does not mean that you will not be successful today, it only signifies that you must achieve a goal without participation of supreme forces. In any case, get the positive result and the indispensable position of the cubes.
For this magic, you also can use any ordinary dice. But use only a new dice which never was used for a game. Throw the dice on the field of fate as long as odd numbers will appear on all top sides. The earlier you will achieve the necessary combination of numbers, the greater support of astral forces you will enlist.
But, certainly, even after getting of the necessary symbols from the first, you must not think that all can happen without your own efforts. Certainly, the influence of supreme forces very dynamically, and often necessary events can have place only by their cares, but if you will not assist them, your success can be limited.


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