Love Talisman To Attract A Lover




If you know the date of birth of your beloved, make the talisman that will make you attract you lover.
First of all, get to know days of week when you and your beloved were born. Having applied Tables 2 and 3, you easily can find out it. For example, if you were born April 15, 1975, use the Table 2 and find in the column “years” number “75”, the intersection of the line “75” and the column “April” give you the coefficient “2”. Sum up this coefficient and day of birth: 2 + 15 = 17. Having found this number in the Table 3, you get the sought day. In this example, it is Tuesday.
The knowing of these dates is necessary for determination of day of the ritual. So if they are Wednesday and Friday (the fourth and sixth day of week), subtract the smaller number from the greater: 6 — 4 = 2, the second day of week is Monday and in this day you must make your talisman. If week days of your births coincide, make the talisman on Saturday.
Now determine the symbols of the talisman. If, for example, your partner was born April 2, find out what current number have this day in year. Begin the counting from January 1, and not stopping on the end of months, reach the necessary date. In our example, if year is not leap, you receive number 92. Add up two (or three) digits of this number. If you result two-digit, repeat this operation so that in final you get a simple quantity: 9+2=11=1+1=2. Sought number is 2 — use it to find the first symbol of the talisman in Table 4. Besides, April 2 correspond to Aries zodiac sign. Magic symbol of Aries you find in Table 5.
Having defined all magic symbols of your partner, find yours. If you were born September 5, then current number of this day is 248. Sum of these ciphers is 2+4+8=14=1+4=5, and number 5 determine the necessary symbol in Table 6. Your Virgo zodiac sign determine the symbol in Table 7.
Having made necessary calculations, enter four personal symbols in “love matrix” and
add to them four additional symbols. Use for drawing of symbols any black ink in which add a drop of your saliva or blood. The base for the “love matrix” is a square cut out in cardboard.
When ink has dried, grip the talisman between palms and say:
Asta kadavas urfido asto kaltas.
Here and now, they are connected and fastened, Two hearts, two minds, two bodies
By word, by deed, by sign.
Feel how special kind of energy radiates from your palms, how it penetrates through the talisman and actuates secret forces. Having made and charged the talisman, carry it always with you.



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