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Sun And Sea Spell To Earn Money - Money Spells




This money spell is cast at sunset.

You will need:
Seven gold or gold-coloured coins
A gold-coloured fabric bag

With the sun behind you, put the coins into the bag and wade out to sea
a little, following the reflection of the sun’s rays on the water, which you
should try to see as a golden pathway, leading to the horizon. Take one
of the coins out of the bag and drop it into the water, saying:
Setting sun cast gold on sea,
And bring prosperity to me.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Paddle out a little further and drop the second coin into the waves,
repeating the words of the spell and continue until all the coins have
been cast. The spell works more efficiently if the coins are dropped on
seven successive waves. When the last coin has been cast, walk round in
a clockwise circle seven times, visualizing money filling the now empty
bag, then follow the golden path back to the beach.



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