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Spell To Strengthen Love




If a love affair is getting a little shaky, try this spell to shore up the

You will need:
A fresh apple
A clean sheet of white writing paper
An unused pen
A knife
Two pins

Slice the apple in half without cutting through the seeds. If you are
casting the spell for yourself, write your own name and the name of the
other person on the paper. If you are casting it on behalf of another
couple, write their names on the paper. In either case, make sure that the
names take up less than the width of the apple.

Now cut out the names and put the paper bearing them between the two
halves of the apple. Bring them together and visualize harmonious
relations restored.

Fix the two halves together with the two pins, inserting the first pin
diagonally right to left and the second one diagonally left to right. Focus
your thoughts on the skewered apple, trying to picture your love taking
wing, flying to the person or people concerned and watching it being



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