Prosperity Magic Spells




Silver Coin for Prosperity

Put a drop of wormwood infusion on a silver coin on head side. Grip this silver charm in the right fist and imagine how financial streams direct in your side. Put the silver on your forehead between eyebrows (or on your left wrist there where is pulse point) to develop your understanding and competence in the field of material accumulation and business connections. Do it every morning of working days.


Colors of Prosperity

On the first Wednesday just after the new moon, place in a northern corner of a biggest room of your house a green candle. In a southern corner, place a brown candle. Take a purple candle in the right hand and stand in a centre of the room. Light the purple candle and say:
Farkas noret aktagon.
From the north and from the south, All for riches, all for prosperity To this home.
Go towards the green candle, set fire to its wick by the flame of the purple candle, and say:
Satkada gaza ufas.
Cross the room and share fire of the purple candle with the brown candle. In this case, your incantation must sound so:
Flagus anfatan.
Place the purple candle in the centre of the room. When all candles have burnt down, collect the residuary wax and hide it behind a plinth or under a floor in the east corner of your house.
Repeat this ritual on Friday, but in this case, place a green candle in an eastern corner and a brown in a western. Saying the incantation, use “the east” instead of “the north and “the west” instead of “the south”.



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