A Spell to Have Love Returned




Horseshoes were once easy to get hold of and were commonly hung over
doors to bring good luck into the house. If there is not one at hand, and
these days there probably will not be, cut one from a piece of card or
paper, or maybe you can lay your hands on a miniature one that has
been used as a good luck charm on a wedding cake. The spell is cast to
have the love you hold in your heart for someone reciprocated. Cast on
a Friday when the moon is waning.

You will need:
A pink candle (representing the female)
A blue candle (representing the male)
A gold candle
A horseshoe
A key
Two roses (preferably, but not necessarily, red)
An article of the other person’s clothing
A large bowl
Pot pourri

Female spell casters should light the pink candle first then the blue one.
Men should light the blue one first then the pink. When these two
candles have been lit, light the gold one and put it between the other two.
Now place a rose alongside the two outer candles and put the horseshoe
at the far side of one of the roses and the key at the far side of the other

As the candles burn, focus on your heart’s desire until the flames flicker
and die or you have to bring the ritual to an end, in which case
extinguish the flames in the usual way.

Wrap the key and the horseshoe in the article of clothing and put it in a
drawer. Leave it there for two weeks, by which time the roses will have
lost their bloom. Do not throw them away. When the fourteen days have
passed, take the package from the drawer and put the horseshoe, key and
rose petals in the bowl. Fill it with the pot pourri and put it on the
window ledge closest to where your loved one lives. Now wait and your
love will come to you.



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