Spell To Attact Cash




This draws on the power of the element of air to bring you some extra
cash within a week and a day.

You will need:
A square of green cloth
Saffron (which is expensive so use it sparingly)
Three silver coins (if you have old silver threepenny pieces
commonly put in Christmas puddings, so much the better)
Gold thread
Silver thread

Breathe on each of the silver coins in turn, saying something along the
lines of:
Spirit of Air, to you I pray,
Send some money down my way.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Now put the coins and the spices in the bag. Tie four knots in the gold
thread and four in the silver and use the knotted threads to tie the bag.
Put the bag in a safe place – preferably a cool, dark one – and leave it
there for eight days. If by then some extra money has not winged its way
in your direction then cast the spell again… like all spells it may take
some time to weave its magic.



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