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Threads of Sorcery

You probably know that some people make knots “for memory” to not forget something. May be you also know that this tradition has come from an extreme antiquity when there was no advanced systems of a calculation, and debts of one people to others were designated by quantity of knots on a special “debt rope”. But that this action had deeper sense probably know not many of you. Point is that, using of “debt rope” was the real magic ritual for an increase of a wealth and a strengthening of an influence both on a physical and on a mental level. Primordial sense of the rope was imagined as a destiny of a person, and knots as events being a part of destiny. Thus, the ancients created the future by making knots.

Making or undoing a knot, you make physical action, and having added the work on the mental level to it, you will have the excellent sorcery. In other words, combine the creation of your idea-form with the making knot, connect your physical effort to your mental effort, imagine that the stronger you tighten knot, the more potency your idea-form will be has.

This magic will be more effective, if you will use the rope previously soaked with infusion of wormwood. Also, you can increase efficiency of your actions, if you will perform them before a mirror. In any case, when your wish has come true, burn the rope with the knot in a flame of a candle.

More perfect magic is the symbolical interlacement of your will, faith and wish in a single whole mental and physical condition. Obtain and prepare three ropes. Place one of them in an alcohol tincture of wormwood (or lilies, fir-needles, sandal — you can use an essential oil of these plants), the other rope in a tincture of laurel (or greater celandine, geraniums, lavenders), and the third rope in a tincture of vervain (or lily of the valley, acacia, clover). Leave the ropes in the tinctures overnight. In the morning, take the ropes from and let them get dry completely.
Lay together these three ropes and connect their top ends with a knot. Plait the ropes — you must do twelve interweaving of the ropes — and in the end make an other knot so that the plait could not untwine. Doing all this, you must imagine how pictures of the desirable future intertwine with your faith in their reality and with your will directed on their realization. You can increase efficiency of this magic. Each time when you move an outer rope to
cent between two other ropes, utter special mantra. In total, you must make the twelve movements and the twelve magical word:
Amis Geba Kados Ferra Aten Eda Gliben Sela Vara Blas Ziga Das
Being in such plaited condition, your will, imagination, and faith directed to one purpose can make incredible magical transformations. When your purpose has achieved, don‘t forget to untwine the plait and burn all magical ropes.

Sorcery of Afodzeda

Afodzeda is Goddess of magic and destiny. She owns a secret of a passage from this world into the other world. Afodzeda gives an exit from the most hopeless situations, but she reward only who have strength of mind and who not lose hope. In her power to focus in one place the necessary influences and events. Prepare a gift to this goddess, and she certainly will become your protectress.

First of all, make the altar of Afodzeda. Use as base for the altar a slice (as a disk) of any coniferous tree or a dense cardboard disk. Also, you will need a silver candle and a piece of a thick wire of white metal.
Fix the candle in the centre of the disk. Put one end of the wire in the bottom part of the candle. Wrap the wire around the candle so that “the spiral of time” was formed. It must be twisted clockwise, and have the seven or twelve coils. Paint on the surface of the wooden disk four magic symbols of goddess Afodzeda, using any red paints or ink.

If you will have any wish or problem, inform about them to goddess Afodzeda. Light the candle of altar. Imagine that in the flame of the candle appear pictures of the reality necessary to you, how power of Fire transforms the events and develops the situation. Imagine and feel some inexplicable current of energy which goes down on the candle, is transferred to the metal spiral and starts to circle. You must see that the altar represents a cone — an eddy untwisted to top, inside which the reality necessary to you is formed.
And now your idea-form is created. It is necessary only to make it work. At this stage, to your efforts a secret force of astral space must be joined. Make the wards:
Afodzeda alla belot,
The Greatest Creation of the idea and the will, Whose authority has no limitations
Neither in day nor at night,
I evoke you as a deity,
I say you sacred names: Mother of winds,
Great weaver of destinies, Mistress of crossroads of universe, Tsarina of two worlds. Nofata, Afodzeda, Indofra. Amon ferro idos vadat. Afodzeda alla belot.

In process of saying of these words, imagine that in rush of the vortical power stream a special regularity starts to appear. And if earlier this movement controlled and supported only by power of your imagination, now all occurs besides your efforts. From this point, from you it is not required to strain the internal forces and all spiritual movements occur due to forces patronizing you.

Let the candle to burn down. At moment when the candle will lose the flame, the force of Afodzeda will take care of your wish. In subsequent times, don’t recollect your problem or wish and don’t think about participation in your affair of secret forces — all must happen as must and in your favor.
There is more simple way to get support of goddess Afodzeda without use of the altar. Light a silver candle. Write the wish on a piece of paper. Fold it one time and write on it the first magic symbol as on the altar of the goddess (symbol in twelve o'clock position). Fold again the paper and put the second seal of Afodzeda (symbol in three o'clock position). Repeat those actions two more times — fold the paper and write the third and the fourth symbols. Having written last symbol, put the folded note in a soup-plate and place on it the green candle. When the candle has burnt down, hide the candle end with the wish note in a safe secret place.

The Dynamical Talisman

This unusual tool of sorcery consists of four basic parts: Field of Fate (“vector of destiny”) — represents the diagram of unaccomplished destiny of a person, three cubes with the mystical symbols. These symbols (forces personified by them) are capable to bring a harmonious regularity and a necessary sequence in daily events and actions.
The magical cubes are traditionally produced from ivory. But allowably to use usual plastic or wooden cubes. You also can make them from a drawing paper or cardboard. Cut out of drawing paper the three blanks and delineate all mystical symbols on them with a pencil.

Later, the red and black inks will be laid on these pencil markings. Bend the blanks on dotted lines, form and glue cubes. Before completely to glue the cubes, instil into each form melted wax (a paraffin) to which previously add a few drops of essential oil of bergamot or eucalyptus. The wax must repeat the form of the cube and give to it weight and volume. During the next six days, you must draw one symbol per day on each cube with ink.

In the first three day, the symbols must be drawn with black water-resistant ink or paint. On Sunday, paint the first symbol on the first, the second, and the third cube. Wait arrival of Monday, and draw the second symbol on each cube. The third symbols are drawn on Tuesday. If you have reached this place, you have accomplished half of work. All nine symbols, which have been drawn by you, have negative values about which you learn later on.
Now, proceed to symbols of opposite value. And in this case use a red ink. On Wednesday, draw the fourth symbols on cubes. On Thursday, draw the fifth symbols. And on Friday, draw last symbols.
The field of fate must be made on Saturday. Per se, it is a rectangular box inside of which there is the picture of “vector of destiny”. Use for it a small casket. Glue to its bottom a paper card with the picture of “vector of destiny”. Make for it magic ink on the following formula. Add three pinches of salt, three drops of your own blood and one pinch of loose black earth in black ink.

In that day when you will particularly need a success, take the cubes in the right hand, imagine that you give them a part of your personal energy — power of your wish of the happy future and success, and throw all cubes on the field of fate. Look at the top sides of the cubes. On all top sides must be only positive (red) symbols. If it has not happened, and even if on one of cubes there is a negative symbol, you must throw cubes again. Continue to do it as long as the necessary symbols will appear on all three top sides. As soon as it will happen, do not touch the cubes. Leave them in this position. Close the casket and put it in a safe secret place. Move the casket very carefully so that cubes not change their position on the field of fate.

Pay attention, how many attempts and throws was required for arranging of the necessary combination. If you will hit the mark no more than from third time, it is sign of all spirit forces will be today on your side, and you can expect for the biggest success. If symbols were composed only from seventh time, your success also is guaranteed. But when you waste more than twelve throws, spirit forces will not be favorable to you. It does not mean that you
will not be successful today, it only signifies that you must achieve a goal without participation of supreme forces. In any case, get the positive result and the indispensable position of the cubes.
For this magic, you also can use any ordinary dice. But use only a new dice which never was used for a game. Throw the dice on the field of fate as long as odd numbers will appear on all top sides. The earlier you will achieve the necessary combination of numbers, the greater support of astral forces you will enlist.
But, certainly, even after getting of the necessary symbols from the first, you must not think that all can happen without your own efforts. Certainly, the influence of supreme forces very dynamically, and often necessary events can have place only by their cares, but if you will not assist them, your success can be limited.

The Secret of Amber

When Aladdin has rubbed the inscription on the ancient lamp, the incredible was happened. Darkness clouded the sky, hundreds fiery arrows of lightning pierced through darkness. The awful tornado arose, and from it appeared a genie. “What do you wish, my mister? I listen and obey, because I am a slave to an owner of the lamp”.
Fairy tales about genies and spirits living in seal-rings, imprisoning in bottles or in magical lamps, are not at all deprived sense. Actually, for very many spiritual creatures “to live” in a closed space is very advantageous and convenient.
There are also such representatives of this secret world who do not at all think about their existence outside of their personal refuge and though they can put into practice many things outside of their personal space, their basic essence never leaves “the house”.
As a rule, such basic essence is an object that had in the past a vital force, a soul, or a spiritual personification. In our case, we will deal with ancient insects, flowers and plants enclosed in an embrace of the time — in fetters of amber. Nature herself has chosen them for the eternal sleep and the eternal life.

To find such amber rather difficultly. But if you have it, you receive a magnificent opportunity and force which can be applied to have fulfillment of wishes. This amber can become your personal totem, the symbol and the assistant for getting love, faith and respect of all people, become “an alive magnet” that will be attract to you riches, good luck, and authority. This natural talisman will become your protection, give you the necessary vital forces, new opportunities and advantages. Any your wish will be fulfilled, if only it does not contradict the general laws of evolution.

Obtain amber. The best if there are any spider-like or winged insect into a transparent amber. You can use amber with flowers and leaves of prehistoric plants also. Less answer the purpose is amber with other inclusions as fish scales, twigs, or blebs.

Instead of amber, you also can use a dried rosin of plum-tree which is ejected in spring and in summer, and to autumn has time to harden and enclose embodiments of souls and other organic components in the eternal captivity.

If you have choice, give preference to the most ancient stone that contain the most
mysterious forces and opportunities. But these opportunities are still latent under thickness of times and epochs flown in a flash for history of the Earth. You must protract, prolong this instant, determine the future and take a part of time belonging to it.

Besides amber, you also need a sandal aromatic stick, a small glass and “The Amber Field”. Draw on a sheet of a paper the triangle inside which designate mystical symbols of necessary spiritual forces. Use black ink in which add a drop of patchouli essential oil or alcohol tincture of wormwood. The amber field can be the any sizes, but the distance between the three symbols must be such that you will be able touch two symbols with the thumb and the index finger of one hand at one time.

On Wednesday evening, begin the ritual of personification. Place the amber field on an altar so that the top corner of the triangle points to east. Put the amber in the centre of the field directly on the central symbol. Stand beside the altar, face to east. Light the aromatic stick. Create a magic circle around the amber — move the smoking stick along a circle clockwise a few times above the amber saying these ancient words:
Nomeni patrum astrum. Quadro lasa amiatur. Usara pada lekton.
Take the glass in the left hand and the stick in the right. Hold the smoking stick directly under the glass. When the glass has filled with a smoke, cover the amber with it and say:
Madom vero ito can furo.
Touch with thumb-cushion of the left hand to the symbol that is depicted in the left corner of the triangle and designate this action by the sentence:
Satas viero katafa daviro.
At the time of saying these words, you must feel how the symbol begins to pulsate, get ability to a movement and an action. Your words have woken it, gave it the feeling of space and time.
Holding the finger on the first symbol, touch with thumb-cushion of the right hand to the second symbol of the triangle located in the right corner, and say:
Zaido karafor mago varado.
Feel how this symbol comes to life.
Touch to the third symbol with the index fingers of both hands, not removing thumbs on their previous positions. In this case, your wards are:
Igo radara faron.
After a short pause, make the main words:
Gelos fard ade vard, Sentura orado conto libura.
Take away fingers from symbols, take the amber in hands and conclude:
Malhibo setum magrab.
Ritual is completed. Its result is your personal magic stone with “spiritual executor” capable to respond to your appeal and compelled to execute everything that you will demand. For the invocation, rub the amber with the palm or on clothes (woolen cloth) and say:
Malhibo setum magrab,
Arfituma forma fantrom.
Saying these wards, think about your wish. Imagine desirable events and situations. For the best result, do not ask the genie anything definite and concrete. The world of spirits rather responds to common requests for which there are hundreds ways of decision, than to a concrete demand that has only one way of fulfillment. The simple request, that all affairs in this day will be successful, will be enough for constructive work of your secret assistant. Avoid ambiguous definitions and never set impracticable tasks. If you demand that cannot take place neither in your life, nor in life of other people, it can sap strength of your secret executor and for a time to lower its efficiency in other affairs.

Don’t forget that you have own will, mind, force and authority, are capable to solve many problems and to find true ways to success without any assistance. Having requested advantages from the genie, bend every own effort for their acquiring. Join your abilities with potentials of secret forces and you will become invincible.
Having taken advantage of magic of fulfillment of wishes, you necessarily receive confirmation of your magic action, your participation in affairs of the infinite universe and in own life and destiny. Be flexible and do not stop on achieved. Find new movement and area, apply them to the created situation and your efforts will be remunerated.



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