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Create in the imagination various situations and objects. Begin with simple — imagine different colors: blue, red, green. Feel different kinds of matter. A gaseous air, its gentle motion and strong gusts of wind. Imagine water, what it is by touch, how it flow between your fingers. Create a picture of a quiet sea and a storming ocean. Add to these pictures smells, sounds and colors. If you imagine a candle, you should hear a sound of its burning; if
you think of water, sounds of rain and ocean must be present in your imagination. If your fancy is a fine rose, touch its soft petals, smell its aroma.
Make imaginary travel in an unknown far country. Visit a tropical island, equatorial jungle, secret caves and primeval forest. Imagine that you are at a home of your friend. Recollect all furniture and things which were there at your last visiting.
Add action. Imagine specific situations of your contact with people. See all this in colors and sensations as if it takes place actually.
Learn to think not in words, but in images and real pictures. The more visible and real will be imaginary pictures, the bigger support will be received your faith.


Magical Faith

It is our nature — we rather believe in what we wish and throw away unsuitable reality. Sometimes our dreams are more corporeal and real than the real events. In that way, our faith can to change not only our perception of reality, but also to change the world around of us.
Certainly, in daily life it is not necessary to train the faith in any special way. It comes or exists in us in itself. However, in magic practice, the faith has some other sense and value — it acts as a magnet and attracts to us specific events.

For strengthening of your magical faith, begin with the imagination and the statement (aloud or mentally) for yourself of those situations and events that necessarily must take place soon. For instance, tomorrow will be an important for you meeting and talk. You must use your faith and conviction that the situation will be develop in the most favorable direction for you. When tomorrow has come, you must do your best to have all what you conceived. That is, set a goal for yourself, believe in it, and confirm words and thoughts by an action. Feel a relationship between words, thoughts and events. If you feel and believe that your deals will be perfectly in order, then you will have a real possibility to avoid troubles and achieve a success.

Observe yourself and other people, and you will notice that self-confidence or indecision can predetermine position of people in a society and their success in love and business. Therefore, the faith in yourself and in your powers can solve many your problems. And when the will is connected to the faith, the biggest success is possible. In life frequently happens that a person who is not have the knowledge and any other special abilities, but have the purpose (i.e. the will), who stop at nothing and believe in his (or she) right and impeccability, achieves the greater, than others, competent and worthy people. The faith and the will remove obstacles on his (or her) way and make a profit on an empty place.

As you can see, in laws and rules of magic there is nothing new. All they are result from daily life. They get particularity and power only when incorporate in a single whole and to them are added the fourth side of the magical pyramid — magical secrecy.


Magical Secrecy

Secrecy is impossible without a will. Only a strong will forms secrecy. The strongest
faith arises at a meeting with a mysterious and an obscure. The most lively images are born in our imagination, when we imagine an uncertainty and inaccessible for our look places.
Secrecy is energy and a force which may to influence on real events. Remember how strongly something unknown, mysterious and inconceivable influences on you, how a secret or a riddle does not give you rest, compel to think about it constantly, to perform some deeds and actions. And how quick energy and attractiveness of a secret disappears when it became available and clear.

Keeping secrecy, you create special currents of energy, make move people’s thoughts in another direction, and by it you really influence on the physical world. At the same time, your mystery will be supply magical forces for you and promote its accumulation. Create secrecy inside and around yourself and it, certainly, will attract success and new opportunities for you.

Do the simple experiment and the excellent exercise for the development of your magical will. As soon you will want to impart news or a secret to friend or colleague, make the strong-willed decision to don’t let the cat out of the bag. For many people this test possibly will be very difficult. Your secret (energy) necessarily will look for an outside exit. And the more strongly you feel an urge to blab out, your magical will is less advanced.

In any case, try your best to finish experiment with success. If you continue this exercise and repeat it some more time, soon you unexpectedly will notice that this action (keeping secrecy) cease to cause internal resistance and irritation for you. And even the contrary, this purposive conservation of a secret gives rise to new especial feelings which are very pleasant for you. You, certainly, will feel joy and satisfaction concerning of the full control of the feelings and energies. And here this feeling of a magical force becomes a part of your magical faith. You will understand that there is nothing inaccessible for you, and what earlier seemed unattainable and far now is easy feasible.

At the same time, you will notice how a relation of other people to you has changed. Attracted to you by your internal power and secrecy, they necessarily will start to search your company. Your mystery and power of the will enable you to operate and to decide, instead of to be dependent upon a whim and wishes of other people.
Think of what people are especially interesting for you. Probably those who have some secrets. But their mystery does not mean unsociability. Simply, such people know, what and for who to tell, and what and from who to keep secret. Usually they perfectly know a language of hints and riddles, — when there is only a visible part of an iceberg, problem or image, and very difficult to know (but much want) what there is in a depth of water.
Rousing curiosity and leaving people alone with their guesses and ideas, you force they to work in the necessary for you direction and to make acts favorable to you. By the way, on it is based not only magic practice, but also all that connected with love game or business, where semi-nudity is more alluring than full nakedness and a fiction is already success.

For a creation of a special magical aura around you and acquisition of new success, practice the following exercise. When someone informs you shocking unheard-of news, and naturally, waits from you the proper reaction, remain quiet and do not make comments on it. You should stay polite — you do not neglect of opinion of other person, just this news is not able to excite you any strong emotions. Such your reaction (counter-energy) necessarily will
cause your interlocutor “confusion of feelings”, when excitation energy of an interlocutor will not find a response, and will confront with indifference. Such behavior will let your interlocutors to feel your internal force, mental balance and composure, and this necessarily will excite their interest and heighten respect for you. This distribution of power subconsciously inclines your interlocutors on a role of giver, and gives you a role of taker. In other words, they give you the energy and want it was accepted, and you decide what and when to accept or reject.

Exactly so, all take place in real life. However, people seldom think about it and the roles are distributed naturally — by virtue of your personal merits or demerits. Using magical or any other secret knowledge, you choose roles yourselves, you decide to be weaker or stronger, to attract or push away, to be happy or sad.
Unite your faith, will, and imagination all together. Surround yourself with magical mystery. Believe in your mental images. Worship your secret. Make the volitional decision and make a step to a mastering of a new amazing world.



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