Incantation Of Love




Cut from a paper a figure in the form of little heart. Dye it completely with you blood which taken from the ring finger-tip of the left hand. Write on it a name of the dear person with red ink. Fill a saucer with alcohol, add to it three drops of pink or jasmine oil and set fire to this magic formula. Kiss the name on the heart three times, throw it in the fire and say:
Burn his heart, burn his soul, burn his body, Burn his thought about me,
Day and night, during the dark moon, During the bright moon.
Let the flame to incinerate the paper heart and to transfer your thoughts and feelings from the world of illusions in the real world. Remember now — the man whose heart was bewitched by you is completely in subjection to your. Certainly, if this magic will be made by man, he should replace a word “his” by “her” in the incantation.



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