Love Ritual To Make Your Desires Come True




A red woolen rope and essential oils are the main components of the following witchcraft. Light a white candle. Take a rope and make on it a simple knot. Imagine that, doing it, you tighten your desires and will in one point. Say at this moment:
Power of my desire will fill this knot!
After that give a few pink oil drops to the knot fastened by you. At this moment, you must see how a small beacon of your desires and hopes flash on the knot. Make the second knot directly on the first and say:
Light of my love
Will illuminate the secret union!
This time tighten in knot all your feelings, and also give to them force by several drops of oil of lavender. The third knot personifies all your secret dreams. The necessary wards here must be:
As these knots are strong, So our love will be strong!
Sprinkle this knot with oil of jasmin. If you have not all these oils, use your personal perfume. Having finished your magic, hide the rope with the threefold knot not far from home of your beloved or bury it in that place where he (or she) usually walk. Make all this at night since Thursday on Friday and be sure that shortly all your desires will come true.



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