Make Someone Love You Like Crazy




Light a pink or red candle. Spread a white handkerchief on a table. Drip melted wax of the candle on the handkerchief so that the figure of heart was formed on the fabric. At first, designate a contour of the heart, then fill interior of the figure with the melted wax. When the wax has become hard, write on it the name of your beloved by a needle. And in finale, stick the needle in this heart. Doing this, repeat the following wards:
I don’t kindle the flame, I evoke the soul. I don’t pour the wax, I create the body. I don’t stick in the heart, I call the love. The soul and the body will join
And turn into [name of the beloved]. His heart will fill with love to me, And now, and for all time.
Having finished this action, hide the charmed heart in safe secret place. Do not wait for results of your magic, and start to act yourself. Be closer to whom on who your magic is directed. Help him (or she) to show the feelings to you.



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