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How To Make Your Own Elixirs For Love




The Nettle Vodka Elixir Of Love

Place a half-pound of leaves of nettle in a big bottle. Fill the bottle with a half liter of vodka. Cork up the bottle. First two days, keep it in a light place, next six days, store the bottle in a dark place. At the end, filter the infusion. Use this elixir one spoon before breakfast, dinner, and supper.


The Port Elixir Of Love

Fill a pot with one liter of red port. Add one teaspoon of honey, a powder of dried up peel of oranges, a powder of dried up rose-petals, seeds of anise, rosemary and clove to it. Put the pot on weak fire and bring the wine to the boil. Then cool and filter it. Before the using of this elixir, it is necessary to warm up it again and to sip by warm. This elixir gives new powers for youths and restores forces of old men.


The Bull Strength Elixir Of Love

At the first days after a new moon, scrape off a bone powder from a right horn of a bull. Add one pinch this powder in any drinking and say these words:
I will wake up at an early dawn,
I will wash myself with spring water,
I will go from a home to a yard
From the yard through a gate to an open country. At this open country, there is a bull.
As a bullhorn does not bend,
So my ramrod would not bend,
When a hole will be for him.
You should know that this elixir will be effective only then when the bull, from whose horn was made the powder, still alive and in good health.


The Oat Elixir Of Love

Fill a pot with one part of oat and six parts of water. Place the pot on fire and boil water until it will be half. When the oat water will cool down, filter it and add milk in the same volume to it. Again, place the mixture on fire and boil it a quarter of an hour. In final, add two spoons of honey to warm mixture. Drink a half glass of the elixir three times per day.
Power of Seeds. Grind one spoon of seeds of a nettle and a plantain. Put this powder in a bottle of red wine. Also, add one spoon of honey to it. Put the elixir in any sunny place. Let all components of the elixir will get impregnated with solar force and light. Under exposure of the sunlight, honey and a wine will enter in interaction and activate magical force of the seeds. After a time, place the elixir in a cool place and keep it there. Drink a half glass of the elixir per day.
Instead of a nettle and a plantain, it is possible to use seeds of a radish. In this case, use seawater instead of a wine.



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