Spell To Make Your Plans Succeed




Being in a place, where your plans must be implemented (an institution, an office, a home of your beloved, or your own room), hold the mirror in the left hand, catch a light (sunlight or indoor lighting) in it and direct a spot of reflected light on a ceiling and walls of the room. Having make so, hide the mirror in a dark place, keep it secretly and in inviolability till completely fulfillment of your dream. When all have happened how you wished, remove all inscriptions from the surface of the mirror.

Write on a small mirror your desire with black ink or paint. For instance, you can write “I want more money, more love, or to have career development”. Make this inscription inversely — write from right to left. If it will be difficult for you, then write your desire on a paper, catch the reflection of the inscription in the mirror and write on the mirror exactly over reflection.

There is another method. Write on a small mirror your desire. Keep the mirror in a dark place three days. Then, holding the mirror above a plate, pour water on the mirror surface and wash off the inscription. All water must trickle down from the mirror in the plate. You also can place the mirror in a plate filled with water and wait dissolution of ink. Spill or spray all this ink water in a place where your plans must be implemented or add a few drops of it in a beverage of the one who is responsible for execution of your dream.



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