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A Spell to Revive Passion




If passion is cooling between you andyour lover this simple spell may help
revive it. Ideally it demands there be afire in your sacred space. If this is not
practical, when you consecrate thelaurel leaves, consecrate some coal and
when you have opened your circle,leave the circle and take the leaves
and the coal to your fireplace. Or ifyou live in a centrally heated home,
you could build a bonfire or use yourbarbecue.

You will need:
Lots of laurel leaves
A fire in embers (see above)
Gaze at the embers, a picture of your love in
your mind’s eye, for a moment or two before
throwing some of the laurel leaves onto the embers.

As they smoulder say:
Sacred leaves glow in the fire
Warm the heart of my true love’s desire.

When the leaves have burned away, repeat the ritual twice, adding, ‘And
let it be done, that it harm no one,’ the last time you say the words.
If the fire was in your sacred space, bring the magic making to an end in
your usual fashion. If you had to leave the circle to cast the spell, return
to it through the same ‘door’ you made in it when you left, and then
perform your closing rituals.



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