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Probably you already know that our thoughts are material and can make material changes in our life. May be you also know that an idea supported with an action is hundred times stronger and more effective, therefore almost always has chance to become the objective reality. And now, materialization of an idea is our main task.
At the beginning, very clear imagine a situation or a necessary way of its development. See events desirable by you how if they already have taken place actually. Then try to characterize them only one short phrase. For example, “This affair must be in my advantage” or “Someone must consider my opinion, pay attention to me” and so on.

Focusing on this ideas and internal images, strain muscles of all body — as strongly as it is possible. Muscles of legs, hands and trunks must be in a strain some time. Then you relax all muscles, and imagine how all energy of your muscles is transferred to your idea, making it more material and dynamical. That is, you reserve power for mechanical action (for movement), but not using it, translate this power in other condition. Thus energy of the body, becoming energy of a spiritual embodiment, is able to make these embodiments in the physical world.
Very often, just this one simple action is enough to have many things. This method also is suit for first self-testing to know your natural abilities in a magical art.

Don’t be upset and don’t stop, if from the first not all happen as you conceived. The fact is that this magic action has feature to gain strength, if to repeat it. The more you practise it, the more your magical skills and abilities are developing. And not without reason, in work of ancient magicians this exercise was most frequent action.
At the time of above magical experiment, in order to give the more materiality to your idea, put a plate with milk or honey on a table in front of you. You can add to it several drops of blood, or to use nothing but blood. All these substances contain large amount of vital force
and are the best intermediaries between the material world and its spiritual reflection. Just the vital force, contained in various physical objects, gives the material covering for your idea. Milk, honey, or blood are representatives of the water element that gives a birth for all in the real world. All these substances are symbols of earth life and frequently used when it is necessary to give material forms for ideas.
You also can use more subtle matter of the Fire element. Create an idea. Strain your muscles. Not spending the muscles energy on movement, send it to a flame of a candle. Fire has the more dynamics in action. Therefore, use it when necessary to solve all your problems very quickly.
The Air element also has the fast movement for acquisition of different things. Straining muscles, you must hold your breath. Keep an internal strain as possible longer, and with a relaxation of muscles, exhale air. Imagine that your internal energy, having joined with your breath, becomes the reason of beginning of the events desirable by you.

If in your life there is a situation that does not suit you, you can use energy of thawing ice. Get a little piece of pure ice created by nature or freeze water in a refrigerator. Being in a warm room, place the ice on a plate. Formulate for yourself the desirable future or the outlet from a difficult situation. Strain mind and muscles. Imagine that your non-realized physical energy becomes the foundation for your idea, and energy of thawing ice promotes material development of idea in real life.
Making this magic, not necessarily to strain mental and physical strengths very strongly. Simply feel a strain and completely focus attention on changes occurring with ice. When ice has turned to water completely, let off your strain and powers for performance of problems put by you.
Liberated energy of ice, fire, air, or other objects in connection with your idea and action form the special material structures named idea-form. And such idea-form is a basis for any magical action.
Ideas-forms are always birth at cast any spell. Making a spell, you necessarily must feel internally strain and movement of your power. Only being supported with an internal movement of the will, your words and actions will have real authority and force. The magic is an emotional, creative and volitional process, and if you miss even one of these parts, your work can be unfinished and ineffective.
So, whether you cast a spell, whether give life for a new magic symbol and talisman, passionately wish something and bend every effort to this, in all these cases you give rise idea-form — use ability of a matter to transform from a solid condition in fluid, gaseous and mental form. And certainly, simultaneously with it there is an inverse process of materialization of idea that perceived by us as a change of events and reality. Here become apparent one of the main laws of mysticism and everyday life — asking a verbal question, it is possible to receive the physical answer. It remained only to ask correctly, correctly define your demand, and you will have a necessary decision.

In the morning before sunrise, walk to a river, a lake, or a bog. Find there two copulating frogs. Place them in a woven basket. Cover the basket and look for an anthill. Put this basket on top of the anthill or beside it and come back home, not looking back, not greeting and talking with anyone on your way. In three days, go again to the anthill and take the basket. Choose from all picked bones the two special bones — “crotch” and “hook”. Now, if you want to attract a person, secretly catch him with “hook” and slightly pull him to you. At this moment, mentally say his name. If it will be necessary to scare away the importunate groom, push away him with the crotch bone. Do all this secretly, otherwise your magic never will have an effect. Remember, you must attract a beloved by the right hand and to push away only by the left hand.

Magic is not just execution of secret ceremonial actions, but also the penetration of magic actions into the everyday reality. Therefore, giving to your beloved a love-potion or bewitched food, you should continue your magic, make all not how it occurs at an ordinary day. All your actions must be wrapped in an atmosphere of love and mystery, but at the same time, you must not let know that you make “special actions”. If your beloved will guess what you do and what your purpose is, most likely he will estimate your diligence, but if he will find out how really you make it, your magic will bring the big disappointments to you.