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Money Talisman 1

Take small sticks and straws from an anthill (not destroying it). Fill a small green pouch with them. Take care, none ant must not find itself in the pouch! Scatter some granulated sugar near to the anthill as a gift for ants and make these words:
I give you, you give me, Together we with profit.
Go home not looking around. At home, write on a sheet of paper your business plans, goals, or amount of money which you want to receive. Fold the sheet three times and put it in the pouch. Keep this talisman in your office for success of your business.

 You will need three acorns on one twig — a cluster of acorns. Dip them in a gold paint or use a gold spray. When the paint on the acorns has dried, hang this talisman in your home or in business office to have good luck in all financial enterprises.


Money Talisman 2

On Wednesday, buy three bay leaves. Write “Zaaks” — the name of a secret force on the first leaf with essential oil of geranium. Use for it a brush or a wooden stick. Write “Mufaoks” on the second leaf and “Kramor” on the third. Put together the leaves and tie
together their ends with a brown thread. Carry this talisman for success in gambling and business.


Money Talisman 3

Put ten pinches of dried leaves of basil, five pinches of a mint, three pinches of salt, a dried divided peel of three apples, three copper coins and one white metal coin in a small green bag. Hang it in your business place and say:
Affairs is behind, affairs is ahead, Profit in the middle.
In the beginning of each workweek, take this bag in the hands, and squeezing by fingers it, repeat the above words.


Money Talisman 4

Light a green candle. Fill a plate with water. Put a copper coin in it. Drip melted wax of the candle in water directly on the coin and say:
As a soft into a hard is turned,
So my riches will be strengthened. From day by day, from week by week, From year by year, from this minute And till the end of time.
Take the coin from water. Keep it in your purse for increase of your capital.

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