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Spell To Get Back Good Fortune




A Spell that Uses Seaweed
If you have suffered any sort of financial reverses, this spell will help
you to turn the tide. The ritual is performed on a beach when the tide is
at its height. If you are wealthy enough, use a real pearl! Otherwise, a
mother-of-pearl button will do.

You will need:
Two oyster or mussel shells
A pearl or a mother-of-pearl button
Green twine
A stick

Put the pearl inside the shells, holding them open side to open side and
cover them with seaweed. Bind the seaweed parcel together with the
twine. Draw a circle in the sand with the stick, just above the tide line.
Put the shells into the circle and when it is covered by an incoming wave,
I return what was yours, Great Sea,
Please restore my prosperity.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Some magic makers who have profited from this spell wait until the tide
turns and cast the bound shells into the seventh wave.



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