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Rituals To Keep Your Money Safe




Make a pyramidal candle (square foundation, four triangular sides) with a hidden coin inside. Make a hole in the middle of any nickel or silver coin (you also can use any Chinese coin with hole). Make the form for the candle from a thick paper. Insert a wick (a cord) into the form. Fill the form on half with melted yellow wax. Add a drop of bergamot or
eucalyptus oil to the melted wax in the form and say:
Marvigan dagot uvada zakon.
When the wax has cooled and hardened, put the coin in the form so that the wick passed through its hole. Fill the form with the melted wax completely. Add a drop of sandal oil to the wax and say:
Dema pogefo fasat.
When the candle is complete, extract it from the form. Keep this candle in darkness place until then you will be in especially need of money or the time of important bargains will come. Then light the Mauritanian candle and make the wards:
Mahabatos fas olelor, Farga tasa ameon.
Here the flame
That will bring money in my life.
Let the candle burn down. Clean the coin of the rest of the wax and carry it in your pocket. From time to time, look through the hole in the coin and secretly repeat the word “Mahabatos”.


The Birthday Money - Money Talismans

Find a coin or a note which were issued in year when you were born. Keep this money as the talisman for an attraction of glory and riches.


The Safety of Money

Roll a paper dollar in a tubule. Wrap round the tubule with green thread which fasten with threefold knot. Fill the inside of the tubule with a dried leaves of a sage. Seal both ends of the tubule with melted wax of a green candle. As long as this talisman will be safe and sound, you are unnecessary to be afraid of ruin and losses of riches.



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