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Number 9 Spell For Prosperity




This spell invokes the mystical power of the number ‘9’ to ask for a
prosperous future.

You will need:
Two teaspoons of carrier oil
Rose essential oil
A small bottle
Any ornament that is precious to you
Any crystal that has the reputation of bringing wealth, such as ruby
or tiger’s eye
A piece of jewellery
An item of gold or silver
One white altar candle
One gold taper candle
A bolline or burin

Pour the carrier oil into the bottle. Add three drops of rose essential oil
and holding the bottle between the palms of the hands, roll it backwards
and forwards until the oils are well mixed. As you do this, visualize the
oil being blessed with the power of good fortune.

Carve the number ‘9’ on the gold candle and return it to its holder. Pour
some of the oil over your hands and rub them together until they start
to feel warm. As you rub, visualize that you are charging your hands
with the energy in the oil. Take the inscribed candle and anoint it with
the oil, drawing in from the centre back towards you. Again visualize
that you are empowering the candle with the power to draw prosperity
to you. Roll the candle between your hands for a minute or two, before
returning it to its holder and lighting it. Focus your attention on the
flame and repeat:

As the flowers do bloom in spring,
Gods and elements to me wealth bring.
By your powers, banish strife,
And bring enrichment to my life.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.
Once the candle has burned down or, if time is short, you have
extinguished it in the usual way, bring your ritual to an end.



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