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Wealth Incantation - Money Spells




Before you make this particular piece of magic, think about your attitude
to money for a little time. Do you squander it like a reckless spendthrift?
Or are you a veritable skinflint? If you have money problems, visualize
what life would be like if they evaporated. And think how much you
would need to see yourself as financially comfortable.

You will need:
A small bowl
Seven coins
A green taper candle

Put everything on your altar along with lucky charms and talismans
whose power strengthens your magic. And if you decorate the altar with
a green cloth and some glossy leaves, all the better.

Once a day, drop one of the coins into the dish and on the seventh day,
pick up the candle and, thinking about the opportunities having more
money would create for you, visualize prosperity flowing into it. When
you feel the time is right, put the candle in the middle of the altar, pick
up the dish with your right hand and let the coins cascade into your left

Place one of the coins in front of it, saying:
May more money flow my way,
Now and every other day.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Put another coin to the left of the first and repeat the incantation.
Continue doing this with each of the coins in turn until you have made
a circle around the candle. When the circle is complete, light the candle
and visualize the seven coins investing the candle with their power
before sending it out into the atmosphere.

As the candle burns, focus on its flame and think again about your
attitude to money and how it could be changed to make you a financially
more responsible person. (If you were already such a person, you
wouldn’t be casting this spell!) When the candle has burned out or the
time has come for you to extinguish it, return the coins to the bowl. Each
day put one of the coins in your pocket along with your loose change,
replacing it with one or two from the change left over from the previous

And if you make sure that there are always at least seven coins in
the bowl, you will find that you are becoming a more financially acute
person and opportunities to make more money will come to you. It is,
needless to say, up to you whether or not you recognize them and, once
recognized, seize them!



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