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Money Charm 1

You will need twelve coins. All they must have the equal denomination and are minted in odd not leap-year. After the sun will disappear behind horizon, begin your magic. Hold all coins between the palms combined in the lock. Shake them so that they freely move and turn between palms. Then open the palms and throw out the coins on a table. Put aside all coins with tails. Collect all coins with heads, shake them in hands again, and throw out them on a table. As before, put aside coins with tails and collect coins with hands. Repeat all these actions until you will have only one coin. This elite coin you must use for making of the magical money triangle.
Cut from a thick paper two triangles. Cut round holes in center of the triangles. Diameter of the holes must be some millimeters less than diameter of the coin. Draw magical symbols on triangles, using black paint or ink.
Place the coin between the triangles and glue them together so that the coin was visible in the holes (tail of the coin must be on triangle’s side). Attach a green thread to the top corner of the money triangle and hang up this talisman in your house or where you make your business.
For the more effect, touch every day the coin in the triangle by the thumb and forefinger (the thumb to head, forefinger to tail) and say these words:
In the morning, it is not early, In the evening, it is not late. It is all in my hands,
It is all in my pockets.


Money Charm 2

If you are a chief, a boss or a leader, you must have a Siberian pine (cedar) cone filled with nuts in your private office. At times, take power from it — hold it in right or left hand and feel how energy of powerful Siberian pine (Tsar of trees) flow in you. If you cannot obtain a Siberian pine cone, fill a dark blue pouch with nuts or sunflower seeds and keep it as talisman for your high prestige and productive work of your subordinates.

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