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Spells To Get Your Money Back




When you have a meeting with your debtor, step on his shadow and say mentally these words:
When you see green color, recollect a debt. When you hear peal of coins,
Think of the obligation.
All return, all give back,
Only then, you will get a freedom.


Gird a red candle with a black thread so that the thread encircles the candle nine times. Light the candle and say:
Gazeb, Abadon, Saetar, Zigin, Fato liman [a name of the debtor] Lita viruda, viruda geton!
Then take off the thread from the candle and secretly fasten it to a door-handle of debtor’s house, with intention that the debtor will touch this thread.


Light a white candle. Take a sharp knife and carefully divide the burning candle in half. Light the second half of the candle from the flame of the first. Let the candles to burn a little, and then place the first candle above the flame of the second. When the bottom end of the first candle has started to melt, lower it directly on the second candle — thus you joint the candle as it was before. At this moment, say:
As disconnected to the whole has come back, So my money to me will come back.
Blow out the candle and hide it near to a house (or into a house) of the forgetful debtor.


Cut the square with three inches sides from a cardboard. Glue a copper coin in the centre of this square. Write your name above the coin with dark blue ink and a name of your debtor under the coin with red ink. Light a green candle. Take a pin and touch three times with its point to the centre of the coin. Then three times prick the name of the debtor on the
cardboard and again three times touch the coin with the pin. If your magic will not work from the first (when the debtor has not conscience and money), repeat all actions several times to remind constantly the debtor of necessity of return of the debt.


Put a photo of your debtor on a floor. Light and take in hands a red candle. Stand on the photo with bare feet and say secret words:
I conjure by phantoms of the north,
By demons of the west,
By shadows of the east and spirits of the south You who under my heels,
To return to me all mine, but not other's. There will be no a rest for you,
Until you execute this,
There will be no dream to you,
Tasty food and fresh water.
It’s my word. So be it.
If you do not have a photo, use a paper on which write the name and the surname of the debtor.


Vastly salt a bread so that to eat it will be impossible. Place stealthily this bread in the house of your debtor and say:
As salted this bread,
So all food will be salted for [name of the debtor]. You will can’t quench your thirst by water, Until you repay the debt.
If you cannot get in the house of your debtor, make the following. Light a red candle. Put a photo of your debtor on a table. Strew fine salt on a photo (on the mouth of debtor) and repeat these words:
You will can’t quench your thirst by water Until you repay me the debt.
Repeat this action each day, until you get yours. If you do not have necessary photo, use a paper on which write the name and the surname of the debtor. Strew fine salt on these inscriptions and say the same words.



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