Magical Symbols Used In Magic Spells




The fact is that for the fast and reliable result, your magical actions should be supported by special spiritual forces. And for these forces are more easy to respond to a call that was made in specific designations.
The spiritual world is beyond our common comprehension, the language of spirits and angels not always can be designated by simple words. The world of shadows communicates with us by means of images and unclear signs arising in our subconsciousness. In other words, in order that we understand the spiritual world, it tries to speak with us in our language. And in order that our words were accessible to the parallel world, we must use symbols known to it.

Most of the magical symbols and signs are names of those forces which are necessary for a fulfillment of our wishes. And when these “names” are incorporated by one common purpose and are in a constant effort, they become not only a drawing, but a real action — spiritual forces, whose names were involved, create conditions and situations which promote a realization of our desires.

But in order that changes really will start to occur in our life, it is not enough only to draw any symbols. It is necessary that these signs could perceive your words and thoughts and became a receptacle of your energy and wish. So that their reading makes move not only your lips, but also would set in motion the concealed laws of the Universe. And for this, there are rituals of an embodiment and spells of a personification.



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