Ritual To Make Your Dreams Come True




At destruction or modification of any crystals, occurs liberation of a special kind of energy capable to be useful for formation of your ideas-forms. Thawing of ice, dissolution of sugar or salt in water, physical deformation of natural minerals — you can use all these actions to give a material form to your idea.
Fill a glass cup with hot water. Add a bit of lump sugar to water. Watch how sugar melt and imagine a reality that important for you. Imagine necessary for you events as if they already have taken place in your life. Put the cup with sugar water in a warm dry place. When, in a few days, water has evaporated and sugar has crystallized again, all your internal images, which you created in the moment of destruction of crystals, must pass from a world of illusions to the world of reality.
Note: you can make this magic, using crystals of salt.
Other method of work with crystals of sugar consists in that you must fill a teaspoon with granulated sugar, and hold it above a flame of a candle so that sugar melts. At this moment, you must create the idea-form — to imagine a wishful reality. When all crystals of sugar have changed the form and the color, pour out melted substance in a cup with pure water. Imagine that with the formation of new crystals your wish also crystallizes, that the idea gets the material form and the value in the material world.



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