Make Someone Do Something You Want Them To




Draw the spiral and the magical symbols inside it on a paper with black ink. After ink dry up, cut out the spiral. Pull the spiral by the ends and give it three-dimensional shape.
Put a photo or a business card of a person who must fulfill your wishes on your altar or on a table. If you have not a photo or a card, use a piece of paper on which write his (or her) first and last name. Place a violet candle on the photo and set fire to its wick.
Take the magic spiral by its external black end, and light the opposite black end from the candle. When the spiral has the consecutive burning, you must hold it over the photo and the candle. If fire on the spiral will weaken, feed it from the candle. When fire has devoured last magic symbol and scarcely touched black sector, extinguish the flame. Rub the photo or the card with ashes of the burned spiral.
Hide the photo in a secret place. Have the saved black part of the spiral in your pocket when you will be communicating with the necessary person, and all that you will ask him he necessarily will do.



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