How To Make A Love Talisman




Obtain two thin candles. Give to one of them your name and to other a name of the person loved by you. You can write these names on the candles by a needle. Interlace them with one another. Light both candles. Let the candles burn completely. During burning of the candles, you must imagine how your hearts and feelings amalgamate in a single whole. You must feel that it not only your sensations, but also feelings of your partner. Imagine that you see all this by his eyes, feel by his heart and wish by his will. Only in combination of physical actions with mental images is possible the realization of your dream in reality. Therefore, making any magic, don’t forget to support physical actions by mental representations.
You can continue this magic. As soon as the candles will go out, collect all residuary wax, sculpture with it a small heart, and keep it in secret place as love talisman.



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