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How To Make Love Potions And Cast Love Spells




Love Potion No. 1

Add twenty grams of basil in half liter of rum. In three days, filter this tincture through milled coffee — place milled coffee in a strainer and pour the tincture through it. Add ten grams of ginger in the filtered tincture and filter the tincture in three days again. The finished philter is very strong. Offer fifty grams of it to your beloved at the end of a romantic supper to have the necessary result in one minute after it was drunk.


Love Potion No. 2

In magic practice, many things from our daily environment are considered symbolically and have deep mystical meaning. So, for example, a mortar and a pestle are symbolizing female and male genitals. Process of powdering is considered as a magical copulation that initiating a real action. Mill seven seeds of a coriander in a mortar by a pestle. Doing it, mentally repeat a name of a person loved by you and imagine pictures of your physical intimacy. Collect all formed powder in a bowl and add pure spring water to it. Place an other empty bowl on an altar and take in the hands the bowl with the potion. Pour slowly all the potion from the height of one foot into the empty bowl and chant the magical formula:
Azero habo labus.
Make this operation exactly seven times — pour the potion from the first bowl into the second, then from the second into the first, and so on. Each time, chant new incantation:
1. 2.
3. 4.
Azero habo labus. Aste ofe mekon. Pote leus sita. Olle kate lon. Bel ura ila.
6. Ame kafas netura.
7. Est fina libura. 8.
Imagine how with each new action and incantation the potion gets more and more specific force and magic energy.
Add the potion in a drink or food of one whom you want to charm. Make this not late than in day after potion was prepared.


Love Potion No. 3

Cast the spell on water or any drink:
All yours for me. All mine for you.
Give to drink half of this water to your beloved, and drink other half yourself. When he (or she) will drink, mentally say the second sentence of the incantation. When you drink, mentally say the first part of secret words.


Love Potion No. 4

For making the following love potion, you will need a porcelain bowl with special properties. If to move a fingertip along the edge of this bowl, you get a monotonous musical sound. It is necessary to notice, that each porcelain bowl is capable to reproduce similar sounds, but you should choose what have the louder and the better sound. Usually, such bowls have the medium or the large size and thin walls.
The composition of the potion can be any. For instance, you can use an infusion of elecampane. Pour out the potion just on the bottom of the bowl. Touch the edge of the bowl by the index finger-tip along. Move the finger and get a monotonous sound. Not interrupting this movement and the sound, chant:
Zaba gaba afa giba safat.
Repeat this incantation some times. Feel how your words merge and resound with the sound of the porcelain and how their energy passes into the potion. Stop movement of the finger. And though the external sound of the porcelain will be stopped, an internal sound of the potion will not disappear. Pour this potion in a vessel and cork up it.
Add the potion in a drink or food of your beloved. Hear a sound of your magical influence which went into the drink or the food. When this magical music will be transmitted to your beloved, he will be in your hands. All your words will become a sweet music for him and all your actions will produce only admiration and worship.


Love Potion No. 5

Tear off a little piece of a callous skin from your left foot. Grind it into powder. Add this powder in a drink of your beloved and say three times:
As my foots strongly and tightly Touch to a ground,
So [name] will be strongly and tightly Aspire to me.
As my body is loved by me,
So it will be loved by him.
This potion will work at once on conditions that it is used on Wednesday when the moon waxes.


Love Potion No. 6

Place a small round pocket mirror at a bottom of a bowl. Fill this bowl with pure spring water. Say, looking through the water on the reflection in the mirror:
Look at me, eat me, desire me.
Use this water for cooking of foods and drinks which will be offered to your beloved.


Love Potion No. 7

Add grinded green sprouts of rosemary, flowers of jasmin and lemon peel in white wine. Keep it two week in a dark place. Then filter the wine. Give this potion to a person who you love. Before doing it, hold a glass with the wine in the right hand, having covered its top with the left palm. Imagine at this moment that your feelings and desires are delivered to the potion.


Love Potion No. 8

Mix three parts of a root of elecampane, two parts of a root of angelica and one part of leaves of yarrow. Fill a small bag with this mix and carry it under the armpit of the left hand during the day. In the evening, take the bag and place it in a cup with boiling water. When water has cooled down, pour the infusion in a small bottle and cork up it. Add three drops of this love potion to any beverage of your beloved.


Love Potion No. 9

Add in a glass with water three pinches of leaves of basil, a pinch of dried petals of rose, a pinch of a powder of apple peel, and a pinch of sea salt. Holding the glass with the potion between the palms, charge it by energy of your love. Imagine that viscous soft waves flow from your hands, that they are transferred to the potion and transform it into the source of sensuality. Use this potion for cooking of foods or drinks intended for your beloved.


Love Potion No. 10

If you have everyday contacts with your beloved, you can make very powerful and effective magic. Cut out of paper the star with four beams. Draw on it all magical symbols, with purple ink in which add one drop of your own blood.
On Monday, snip off from the star the first segment of the top ray. Burn it in a flame of a candle or a match, and say:
Azel gibu ro.
Collect all ashes and place it in water. Add some drops of this water to any beverage or to food for your beloved.
On Tuesday, snip off the two parts from the star. Lay them together and simultaneously burn out them on a candle. Say at this moment:
Bogar nero. Igo nava fara.
Place ashes to water. Add some drops of water in any beverage or to food.
Further, all will repeated with other parts of the star.
On Wednesday, snip off the three parts of the star. Burning them all
together and say.
Gan davlago omikon. Uze gemo.
Afi kor.
On Thursday, separate from the star the segments When they was eaten by the flame, say:
Bora giba ogo nat. Imal kara. Giba rado imark.
When Friday has come, snip off the two parts of the star. Burning them and say:
Adhva matus afo dem. Ite dobus vade hadabas.
On Saturday, burn out the last part of the ray and say:
Aga virom ofedolm.
On Sunday, the core of a star is burnt and the incantation is:
Bofara al nagel giba fora.
Ashes also are added to water, and some drops add in a beverage or food of your beloved.


Love Potion No. 11

Add a powder of petals of rose in a red wine. This potion necessary use on the waxing moon for excitement of new love.
Add a powder of flowers of marigold in a pink wine. This potion will help you to restore former feelings if it will be used on the full moon.
Add a powder of flowers of mimosas in a white wine. If during the waning moon you will give this potion to the one who is not loved by you, then he (or she) quickly will cease to love you.


Love Potion No. 12

Put your small photo on a table. Place on it a glass with pure water. Cover the top of the glass by a round pocket mirror so that your photographical image was reflected in it. When your beloved will come to you, under any pretext, compel him to drink all charmed water.


Love Potion No. 13

Add not much apple syrup in pure alcohol, and say magic words:
As the wine ferments,
So a soul with a body will fermented by love.
Having chosen an opportunity, add ten drops of this potion in a drink of your beloved. After that, not later than in six hours after the potion will be drunk, you must pour out all rest of the potion in a small black plate, set fire to it and repeat several times:
I burn not the wine, I kindle love.
I make not the flame, I inflame passion. From me to the wine, from the fire to him. Catch fire his heart,
Flare his soul,
From this minutes and till last day!
Uttering the incantation, create a mental image of the person loved by you. Imagine that now events and changes described in the incantation happen with him.


Love Potion No. 14

Put in a glass with water so much silver coins how many you have already lived with the spouse and so much golden coins how many you want to be with him (her) in the future. Utter the incantation:
By gold and silver,
By the past and the future
I evoke Force of Water
To keep and to increase,
To save and to strengthen Peace and consent, Cleanliness and fidelity, From this day and forever and ever.
Take out all coins from the glass. Give to drink this water to your spouse and drink it yourself.


Love Potion No. 15

Prepare three tinctures. Make lovage tincture on Friday, tincture of rose on Monday, and tincture of angelica on Thursday. Keep these tinctures one lunar quarter in dark place, and then filter them. When the time to apply the love potion has come, make the mixture number one — mix fifteen drops of the first tincture with ten drops of the second and say:
Malhitab ozma gor.
Then make mixture number two — mix fifteen drops of the second tincture with ten drops of the third and designate this action by a new incantation:
Het naru ain kor.
After that, make mixture number three — mix ten drops of the first tincture with fifteen drops of the third. In this case, your words are:
Zaun tau lar.
In final, mix the mixture number one with the number two, saying:
Alabuz hama atul.
Add to them the mixture number three, and complete the incantation:
Dankaro sio rafon.
Now you have finished potion. Add three drops of it to a drink of your beloved.
You can use the rest of the tinctures for preparation of new potions, but remember that each time you must make the new mixes.



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