Spell To Lock Your Love Forever




Insert a copper coin into a hunk of bread. Throw it into a river or a sea and say:
I have stood up early in the morning,
I have washed my face not with water, but with dew, I have wiped not with a towel, but with mother-earth, I have gone to an open country, to a sea,
I have called a dark spirit from this sea.
Dark spirit, take my ardent desire,
Go through the whole wide world,
Burn neither stumps nor logs,
Neither trees nor grass,
But burn heart of [beloved’s name].
So that she will pine for me, think of me, want me. And I would be lovely for her
In any day, at any night, at any time and at all times. A key and a lock for all my words.
The lock with me, the key is broken and lost.



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