Magic Spell To Re Kindle An Old Flame




It often happens that a relationship fails and then regrets set in and you
decide that you would like to get the romance back on the road. This spell
may just do the trick. Polite spell weavers may ask their old flameā€™s
permission to cast the spell lest they stand accused of being manipulative.

You will need:
A red candle
A handful of dried beans
A small, heat-resistant bowl
Before you light the candle, recall
how happy you and your ex-partner
once were and when you are full of a
warm, nostalgic glow for the way
you were, light the candle and see in
its flame the feelings you and the
other person had for each other.

Clasp the beans in your hand and see
them being filled with those
feelings. Now put them in the bowl
and move it clockwise above the
flame (taking care not to burn
yourself) seeing the beans as the
catalyst that will bring you and your
lover back together. As you do this,
say these or similar words:

Love that was, please be recovered.
Let us be what we were to one another.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.

Later, take the beans and put them on the ground in a place that you
know he or she walks regularly.



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