Spell To Find A Lover Or Companion




Everyone, at some time or other, comes to realize that there is an empty
spot where love should be. This spell aims to fill that gap. It can be cast
with a particular person in mind or for a yet unknown lover. Remember
though, that magic should never be cast to manipulate the free will of
another person. He or she may feel an attraction but it is up to them
whether or not they acknowledge it. The spell should be cast on a
Monday when the moon is waxing or full. Never when it is waning.

You will need:
Three chalices
Cinnamon essential oil (or a favourite love drawing oil) or some
vanilla extract
An orange taper candle

Light the candle and charge the oil, holding the bottle it is in up to the
candlelight and rolling it between the palms of you hands, visualizing as
you do so how complete your life will be when love enters it. Half fill
two of the chalices with water and put them on your altar with the
empty one between them. The partially filled chalices represent you and
a new love, both incomplete until you are drawn together and become
one. The empty one stands for what you can achieve together.

Drizzle three drops of the essential oil or extract into the empty chalice,
using some suitable words to explain the purpose of the spell. If you
have a particular person in mind, remember to say that you acknowledge
his or her free will and that you are not trying to interfere with it.

Now with a picture of yourself and the other person enjoying each
other’s company in the special way that lovers do, take one of the halffilled
chalices and then the other, adding a little water from each to the
oil/extract-charged one. Continue doing this until the two outer chalices
are empty and the centre one is full – as full as you will feel when love
comes into your life.



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