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Colored Pencils
Keep in an arts and crafts box.
Use for marking your calendar in different colors (ie. Red=Urgent).
Sharpen and reuse.
Grind up in a pencil sharpener and use as a firestarter.

Compact Discs
If they can still be used, give them to friends or sell them back to stores who deal in used CD's.
If they are scratched and can no longer be used, hang them from your wall. They make for funky interior decorating.
Use as reflectors. (Russell)
Use as coasters. (Becky)
Place a watch in the center and hang it on the wall for a funky clock. (Becky)
Tie mono filimant fishing line to a CD and hang it in your fruit tree. It will keep the birds from eating all of the fruit. (SCUD)

Donate to a local school and possibly receive a tax deduction. (Jeff)

Computer Ink Cartridges
Refill and reuse. (Flip)

Computer Keyboards
Make big monagrammed rings for your friends. (Tonya)

Cookie Cutters
Give to the kids and let them use when playing with playdoh.
Hang on kitchen walls for decorations.
Hang Christmas cookie cutters from the Christmas tree.
Give to kids as templates for tracing on paper.
Children can dip in paint and then press onto paper to make art.
Hang from a clothes hanger to make a child's mobile.
Hang outside from a coffee can to make a windchime.
Cookie Dough Tubes (Cardboard)
Use for storage of homemade cookie dough. Mix several batches of dough, store it in the tubes and freeze it. When it comes time to bake the cookies, just slice, bake and eat!

Decorate and use as a children's toy chest. (Cynthia)
Use for storage of camping gear.
Keep it in the basement, closet, etc. for storage of just about anything.
Decorate the outside and use it as a coffee table. It conveniently holds magazines and anything else lying about when company drops by unexpectedly.
Use as a seed bed. (Ray)
Use a small cooler as a travel case for children. (Cynthia)
Use a small cooler for storage of paper and pencils. (Cynthia)
Use a small cooler for storage of make-up. (Cynthia)
Keep the lids which have a place to hold drinks. Use it when you are outside and need a surface to place the glass on. (Sara)
Allow kids to play with small coolers. DO NOT allow children to play with larger coolers as they may become trapped inside and suffocate.
Use as a storage bin for the trunk of your car. They can hold sporting equipment, an emergency kit, etc. (Linda)
If the bottom of a small cooler is still intact, sink it all or partway into the ground in an area of the yard where people are not going to step on it. When watering the garden, fill the cooler to provide a water source for pets or birds. (Ruth)
If the bottom of a large cooler is still intact, use it as a liner for a mini pond in your garden. Add decorative rocks, water plants, small recirculating fountaing, etc. (Ruth)
Store toy shovels, rakes buckets, etc in them. (Cammie)
Use to store pool toys. (Cammie)
Leave a cooler on the gazebo with cooking supplies in it so everything is easily accessible and dry for cookouts. (Cammie)
Use it when you go shopping if you live a long way from home. It will keep meats, butter, etc. cold until you get home. (Granny Pat)
In winter, use them to store summer items for camping, clothing, etc. (Granny Pat)

Cotton From Aspirin Bottles
Use for "snow" in train sets.
Use as the center for your custom-made bows.

Use to make matches damp-proof.
Use a hand-held pencil sharpener to make crayon shavings. Crumble the shavings and use as glitter-like decorations. (Eeks)
Make greeting cards by drawing a picture in crayon and then painting over it with water colors. This will make the crayon stand out. (Eeks)
Melt old crayons together and use cookie cutters to make fun shapes for younger kids. (Dennis)
Make patchwork crayons. (Shelley)
Keep worn down crayons in a toolbox for handy marking pencils. (Shelley)
Create a vase by melting different colored crayons over an old bottle. Let the wax drip randomly. (Shelley)
Make creative envelope seals by dripping crayon wax onto the back of an envelope. Make a special imprint in the wax if you want. (Shelley)
Use different colors to highlight important events on the calendar. (Shelley)
Use for drawing on easter eggs before you dip them in the dye. The dye won't adhere to the wax and it will leave pretty designs.
Keep in an arts and crafts box.

Credit Cards
Use to flatten stickers to surfaces. Use a pin to let air bubbles out and then reflatten using the credit card. (Lori)

See Plastic Cups

If they are in good condition, donate to a local charity.
Heavy curtains can be used as a drop cloth when painting.
Larger curtains can be used to cover a pool table, excercise equipment, etc.
Heavy curtains can be used for lining the trunk of your car when transporting dirty stuff.

Curtain Rods
Donate! (Marie)
Use to support plants. (Marie)

Tack messages to a dart board using the darts.
Use the darts as an awl (thanks Pierre!) for marking wood or metal.
Use as a plant support for small plants.
Label the plastic "feathers" with plant names and use for labelling a garden.
Use as large thumbtacks for a corkboard.

Deoderant Casings
Use to hold small things when traveling. (Tonya)
Use as protective packaging when sending smashable things in the mail. (Tonya)
Use as a small first aid kit holder. (Tonya)
Use as a sewing kit holder. (Tonya)
Hide money and other valuable stuff in it. (Tonya)
Use as a travel case for crayons. (Tonya)

Diaper Wipes Boxes
Use to store arts and craft supplies. Label with permanent marker. (Lori)
Use as weights for when glueing two surfaces together. (Lori)
Use as a door stop. (Lori)

Distributor Caps
Place it on your desk and stick pencils in it. (Jon)

Dog Food
Dry dog food can be fed to birds. (Jennifer)

Dog Food Bags
Use as trash bags for heavier items. (Unknown)
Drink Mix Containers (those with twist-off caps)
Use for keeping matches waterproofed--although I wouldn't recommend submerging it in water.
Use for storage of rice, pasta, etc. when camping (or at home).
Use the large bottom portion to hold water to rinse paint brushes. Use the lid for the paint. (Lori)

Duffle Bag
If it is strong enough, use to carry fire wood logs into the house.
Store out of season clothes in it and then slide it under the bed or in the closet.
Fill with emergency equipment (warm clothes, first aid, etc.) and keep in the trunk of your car.

Easter Baskets
Place a potted plant inside the easter basket and then place the basket on a shelf for display. It makes it a little prettier.
Use as a hairbow box. (Misty)
Decorate and use year after year. Just change the wrapping and ribbon (which can be recycled into a hair bow). (Lori)

Easter Eggs (Plastic)
Reuse next year. (Shelley)

Easter Grass
Reuse next year. (Shelley)
Use as packing when shipping something or sending a breakable gift. (Ms. Myriah)

Egg Cartons
Use cardboard ones as a charcoal fire starter. (Dave)
Use for potting flowers (inside) before moving them outdoors. (Jeannette)
Use to keep necklaces and bracelets separate.(Andrea)
Store earrings in the top of the carton to keep from losing them.
Cut off the top and use as a serving tray for cookies, chips, carrots, etc. (Marsha)
When serving chips on the lid of the carton, serve dip in the half with the egg indentations. (This works best when using the styrofoam cartons.) (Marsha)
Break up the styrofoam and use it as packaging material.
Wash a styrofoam carton VERY WELL and use for an ice cube tray. Keep the lids attached so that you can stack them.
Make into candy-filled eggs for Easter.
Store golf balls inside.

Electrical Wire
Strip the wire (without damaging the coating), then cut the coating into beads. (Dumpster Diva)
Use the thin colored wire instead of yarn when making gods eye. (Dumpster Diva)
Make the thin colored wire into jewelry by winding it several times to make colored springs.

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