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Lesbian Love Spell And Talisman




The use of lesbian love spells demands special skills and knowledge. When in nature of your female-friend there are no elements of an inclination to the female sex at all, love spells are not allowable because they can cause internal and external energy misbalance. Therefore, here I shall list only those magic techniques which guarantee a positive result in case of possible intimacy of two female hearts, and at the same time, completely effectless if such intimacy is not possible in view of a psychological and sexual incompatibility.

Make the flywheel of love. You need a wooden disk that has 1.5-2 inches in diameter and no more than 0.5 inches thick. If you cannot obtain it, cut from a cardboard several identical disks and glue them all together so that to get one thick solid disk. Stick a needle through the centre of this disk. Write your name and the name of your mistress on the disk along a circle.

Give rotation to this whirligig and say:
Sappho idealo variatus nobelli, Kasto labiritum amorte, Gomo astena nomen.
Repeat this action three times and repeat this ritual three times per day.

You will need a long horsehair that was taken from a mane of a stallion. Impregnate it with your saliva or blood and hide it in a house of your beloved. For more efficacy of this magic, tie the horsehair round a leg of a beloved’s bed.
Write on a sheet of pink paper your names with a red pencil. Enclose this note into a bivalve shell. Keep this talisman as a symbol of your love.
Before to present a perfume to your beloved, inhale its aroma, saying words of love and creating mental images of your future intimacy. Connect your thoughts and inner images with a smell of the perfume. Define that this smell will cause the same imaginations to which this present will be made — and then it really happen in a reality.



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