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Spell To Grow Money 1

Put a bit of moss in a garret room and say:
As Mother-Earth gave birth this gave, So money will be born in this house.
Also, you can hide moss in your office. In this case, your magical wards must sound so:
As moss grows and blossoms in any place, So a profit will be for me in any place.

Spell To Grow Money 2

Write on a sheet of paper a sum of money that you want to raise. Fold the paper and bury it in a flowerpot filled with soils which was collected on three crossroads. Plant a geranium or a calendula in the flowerpot and say:
Many people have gone over crossroads, Many people have carried money over crossroads, Now all my money will grow with this flower.
With growth of the flower, your well-being will be increased as well.  


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