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A Spell to Make Love Grow




Whirlwind romances may be the stuff of romantic novels, but in real life
flames that are the quickest to take, burn out and are the first to die. This
spell takes time to work but it is very effective. It should be done on a
clear night during a waxing moon.

You will need:
A packet of seeds
A new flowerpot
Potting compost
A small copper coin

Before you open your circle take the coin outside and hold it up to the
moon, focusing your mind on the one whose thoughts you are trying to
direct towards you.

Now go to your sacred space and, the opening rituals completed, bury
the coin in the flowerpot. Sprinkle the seeds on top to form the initials
of the other person’s first and last name. As the seeds germinate and start
to shoot, so love should take root and blossom in your life.



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