Spell To Get Someone To Agree With You




When fulfillment of your wish depends on decisions of some person, work in the following way. Write person’s name some times on a circle on a square paper card, so that the beginning of the first word has joint to the ending of the last. Take the paper in the hands, look in the centre of the circle, imagine the face of the person and think about your wish that he (or she) must execute. Make the three sign of the cross over the paper saying these words:
I think and it is the law for you,
I want and it is the rule for you,
I say and you do what I want and think.
After that, pierce the centre of the circle with a needle so that the needle has penetrated in the paper on half of its length. Hide this charm in a safe secret place and store it until then your wish will be fulfilled. Then extract the needle and tear the paper.
You can do it by another way. Write a letter or a petition to a person with whom you shall have contact. Burn this letter in a flame of a candle, imagining the face of the person and your wish that he must execute. Then scatter ashes before the wind.
Here is one more method. Write nine times on a sheet of paper the name of a person on whom you want somehow to influence. Do it nine days, using the same sheet, so that in finale eighty one word was written on the paper. Roll the sheet with inscriptions in a tubule and put it into a bottle that fill up with granulated sugar and say:
I have done a sugar life for you You will do what I want.
Cork up the bottle and keep it in a secret place.



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