Free Magic Spells Dealing With Spirits



Say "What is dark be filled with light, remove this spirit from my sight."
Before starting place your hand before you, and start the flow of power out of your hand
and then say the words, letting the envisioned blue-white light from your power hand
fill the room or house or any other place that you might be.



When presenting your house spirits with offerings of incense,
candles or what not you can say this little chant:
"Wraith of the house, Take heart and live,
To every chamber This light I give,
To every corner This breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand."


"The Presence that stands Upon the stairs
The unseen hands That move the chairs.
The lights that play Across the wall,
The stains that stay, The plates that fall,
The mist , the chill, The wandering scents
This gentle spell must speed them hence.
At midnight, set A table neat,
With cup and plate, And wine and meat,
Invite the ghost To sit and feast,
As any host Should urge a guest.
Presently, clear The meal away,
Then open the door and softly say-
"Quick or dead, Thou art fed,
Cease to grieve And take thy leave"
Bid him depart But should he remain
Be calm, take heart And feast him again.


-- mugwort angelica 3 hairs of an imposing beast black cloth oil of frankincense or myrrh
Mix the mugwort and angelica in equal parts, add to it the 3 hairs and bind together in a black cloth.
Add a few drops of the oil onto the cloth. then say
" He who is strong, he who is mighty
Lend thine power to this charm
Demons turn on your heels and run"
Draw over it a pentagram and the charms of banishment.
Burn the mixture to drive away the spirits that ail you.
Burn it in your home or room you wish to exorcise. Bury it before your doorstep and no demon
shall touch you nor enter. Wear the charm or hide it in the roof to ensure safety against any ills.


Speak directly to the entity, or in the room most affected, saying:
It is time to leave here; all is well. There is nothing here for you now, You must be gone
Go now, go ~ complete your passing, Go, and with our blessing fare well. Farewell.
Remove everything of the previous occupant ~ writing and photos in particular.
If there is anything you wish to keep, purify it with salt or incense, saying:
With this I purify you of the past Of hurt and memories Keeping only Love


Shout this Mantra:
"Angels of Protection, Angels who clear
Remove all spirits Who don't belong here!"
Call upon your highest teacher, angel, or God to clear the spirit.
To increase the potency of this spell, burn sage incense and white candles.
Use a glass of water to collect negativity, then flush the water.
Also, wear any jewelry that is sacred to you. Express power and strength, show no fear.
While you meditate after the chant, know that the atmosphere around you has been
cleared of all evil spirits.


This traps an evil entity or evil spirits and prevents any harm being done.
--Salt water - 1 part Sea salt to 8 parts of spring water.
--1 dried Rose 13 Rose Thorns 1 Small Glass Jar + a tightly fitting lid
Put the Rose Thorns into the jar one at a time and as you do this and drop one in,
chant the following words each time:
"Thou Demon presence. Be no more!"
Crush up the Thorns in the jar and then crush up the Rose petals and add them to the jar,
slowly add the salt water. Keep the jar open overnight.
The next morning before the sunrise close the lid. All the evil should now be trapped inside the jar.
Cover the jar with a cloth and bury it far away from the house in a place that has no buildings nearby.


--1 white candle a glass bowl filled with scented flower petals a bed
At night time, or whenever you have peace and quiet, with no disturbance from others,
light the candle, and place it next to the bowl of petals. Lie on the bed, close your eyes,
and think back to when you were little, then go further and further, until you slowly remember
how you felt when you were inside your mother's womb. Then slowly go further, and remember
how you flew through the tunnel of light from the heaven, and back again to Earth. See your
silver cord (the cord which attached you to your past life's body) re-heal, and you are back
into the person's body in the coffin, or even perhaps, into the ashes, which then reunite to
form your past life's body again. Slowly, when your unconscious state takes over, you'll
remember who you were in your past life - maybe not right away, but you should eventually
see yourself, or remember your name or those you loved. Remember, this can take a lot of
practice and a lot of patience. Don't do it if you are unwilling to devote at least one hour to it.


(so they don't continue to play the same detrimental roles in your further incarnations.)
On parchment or some other nice quality paper, write in red ink
(dragon's blood ink, bat's blood would be great too):
(Name) I declare our contract broken.
You no longer have power over me.
Never again will I be your servant, in this life or any other.
(you can use your own words, go into detail about how you feel you've been wronged
manipulated, whatever.) Sign your name, burn it with a black candle. Get rid of the ashes.


3 oz. Juniper Leaves 4 tbsp. Dried Rosemary 2 oz. Fennel Seeds
2 tsp. Basil 3 tsp. Linden Flowers 2 tsp. Angelica Pinch of Salt


4 tbsp. Boneset 3 Sprigs of Holy Thistle Handful of Angelica
4 oz. Horehound Pinch of Salt 3 parts Sandalwood 3 Roots of Mandrake
Brew and sprinkle to all four corners of the House to drive away Evil.


Everyone knows someone who is or has been depressed or really stressed out so
make time in your magical + social life for them. Give them a helping hand by writing
this on paper and then burning it to release the magic:
Magic moon burning bright,
Let mine will be done this night.
Answer now my Pagan Spell,
Let all with ______ now be well.


To see spirits, old European grimoires recommend mixing together aloe, pepper, musk, Vervain,
and saffron and burning this in a cemetery. You can adapt this for other locations (like those in
which the spirit lived) by adding a bit of sweet grass or tobacco to a specially prepared incense.
Create the incense on the anniversary of the death of the individual you wish to contact.
This is then burned at 11 am, in the safety of a magic circle that also holds symbolic items
to connect you to the entity. An incantation to encourage the spirit's presence is
"Guardians of the Spirit realm, hear and guide my plea.
When the witching hour rings true, bring my friend (loved one, etc.) ____ to me.
Other souls who hear my call are not welcome in this place.
Only the one known as _____ may enter sacred space."
Repeat the request three times, twenty minutes apart, then wait quietly for indications of
a presence. Signs include the scent of flowers or a favored cologne, a cool wind,
movement of curtains, and candles going out or twitching erratically.
Once you feel sure the spirit is with you, do not make it tarry overly long.
Take care of your business, say farewell, and thank the guardians for their assistance.


The Chorti, who are the descendants of the Maya, would make crosses
out of ashes to protect from evil spirits.
Needed: Wood ashes
Moon Phase: Use whenever protection is needed.
Whenever danger is felt, crops need to be protected, or woods need protection from
hunters and trespassers, gather cold wood ashes and use the ashes to make equal
armed crosses on the ground, sidewalk, or porch.
"Ashes to ashes. I call on the Four.
Protect us and hinder those Who bring harm to our door."
or "FourThe more Protection to score Tight is the door."


Point your Athame at the sky, and then at the earth. Then pointing Athame horizontally
either spin 360 or walk around the perimeter with the Athame held out in a threatening manner.
Spirits of evil, Unfriendly beings
Unwanted guests, Be gone!
Leave us leave this place, leave this Circle,
that the Goddess and the God may enter.
Go, or be cast into the outer darkness!
Go, or be drowned in the watery abyss!
Go, or be burned in the flames!
Go, of be torn by the whirlwind!
By the power of the Mother and the Horned One
We banish you! We banish you! We banish you!
Sprinkle the perimeter with salt and water.

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