Free Magic Spells To Banish Bad Habits, Influences And Dependence




Magic Ritual To Stop Gambling Dependence

Pierce through a centre of an ace of diamonds with a needle. Do it nine times, repeating these words:
As the needle has gone out of the ace,
So thoughts of gambling
Will go out of a head of [name of a gambler].
It is necessary to put furtively this card in a bed of a gambler or hid it under a lining of his coat.


Magic Ritual To Stop Drug Abuse And Dependence

Obtain a cord ten inches long. Make nine knots on it and then connect the ends of the cord together. Place the connected cord on a hot pan. When the cord takes fire or becomes charred, say these words:
You have had nine fetters,
You have had a walking along vicious circle. Now your fetters are disappearing
And the vicious circle is breaking.
Collect ashes of the burnt cord, divide it into nine portions. Add secretly one portion of
the ashes to any food of a person who has drug dependence, and do so nine times.
Another means. Get a spoon of a person who has drug dependence. Heat up it on a flame and then place it in cold water. Say at the time of a hissing of water:
As the heat of the metal has disappeared,
So a drug thirst will be disappearing With every spoon of food.
Give back the spoon to the person. He (or she) should eat all his food only with this
Another means. It is necessary to find a trace of a snake on sand. Disperse it with your hand and say:
There will be not a trace of a snake here, There will be not traces of dopes
In body and soul of [name of an addict].

Collect sand at that place and secretly pour it into shoes of a person who has drug dependence. The sand will be hindering when walking and the person pour out it. Having made so, the person will get out the pernicious habit.
Another means. Obtain a forked twig of a nut-tree. An ill person should lie down on a couch. Draw crosses on his back with two ends of the twig — actually, you draw two crosses
at once. Start to draw crosses on an upper part of the back and move to lower part. Doing this, repeat these words:
Double crosses on a body,
Double crosses in a soul, Where they are,
There is no place for dopes and drugs.
After treatment, throw out the twig.
Another means. It is necessary to obtain a full-length photo of an ill person. On Monday, stick the photo upside down on a wall. Standing close to the wall, hold a mirror with your left hand horizontally so that the photo are reflected in it. Strew salt on the reflection of the photo in the mirror and utter:
With this salt,
All dopes and drugs,
Will go out this image and the real man.
After that, go out of doors and blow off the salt from the mirror. Go home and turn
clockwise the photo a little — could say that heretofore a head on the photo was directed at “six o'clock” and now it is directed at “seven o'clock”. Repeat all those actions six days,
turning the photo each time on “one hour” so that on the sixth day, it has a correct position. Having did the last turn of the photo on Saturday, say final words:
A line of his destiny was corrected.
His body will be right, And his mind will not be hazy.
Bury the mirror in an uninhabited place.


Magic Spell To Stop Alcoholic Dependence

Mix granulated sugar and bone powder in equal parts. Light a bonfire with birch logs. When the bonfire has perished, strew the prepared mix on live coals. Order to a drunkard to breathe in smoke from the coals. At the same time, you should say these words:
Vodka, wine, and any another booze,
Go away, go away, go away!
As the bonfire will burnt down,
So the drunkenness of this man will burn down.
Repeat such treatment once a week or more often — then when the drunkard is craving for booze.
Another means. The potion effective against drunkenness should be prepared on a full moon. Fill a pot with 250 milliliters of spring water and add to it one spoon of grinded snakeroot. Put the pot in an oven and boil the potion a quarter of hour. Next, cool and filter it. Add three drops of this potion to a drink without knowledge of a drunkard. Doing this, utter the words:
I shall be up at an early dawn,
I shall wash yourself with spring water,
I shall go from home through doors,
From the doors through gates
From the gates directly to an open country, Under serene stars, under bright moon, Under gorgeous sunshine.
Stars, hold away [name of a drunkard] from drinks! Moon, deter [name] from drinks!
Sun, put down a drink hunger of [name]!
All my words have a key and a lock.
As no one can drink all water from a sea
So no one can unlock my lock and my words.
Another means. To cause a continual vomiting, give a drunkard a special tincture. The formula of the tincture is 250 milliliters of vodka, one grinded lovage root and two bay leaves. Keep to mature the tincture one week then filter it. Use this mean to stop a hard drinking.
Another means. Make an infusion of wormwood, centaury, and thyme, taking all herbs in equal parts. Give a drunkard one spoon of the infusion three times per day in order that he gets out of bad predilection. Doing this, say the words:
Vodka and wine, retreat from [name of a drunkard] Go beyond blue seas, dark woods, broad meadows, There where people do not go,
Where wild beasts do not run!
My words will be stronger than iron and stone, No one can break my words!
Another means. Over a long period of time, it is necessary to give a drunkard an infusion of mint, yarrow, wormwood, and John's-wort. Take these herbs in equal parts and prepare the infusion as you prepare tea.
Another means. Buy a padlock on Saturday. Obtain vodka or other alcoholic drink which was not drunk up by a tippler — you should take away a glass or a bottle in which
remained some drink secretly from a drunken. Pour that vodka into a keyhole of the padlock. Next, lock it and say:
The padlock is padlocked, the key is lost.
Nobody will unlock it, Nobody will not break my words.
Doors will be always closed
Between [name of a tippler] and alcoholic drinks From now and for all times.
Bury the padlock in an uninhabited place, and throw a key in a river.


Magic Spell And Ritual To Stop Tobacco Dependence

Every time when you have a desire to smoke, light a cigarette, do only one inhale and throw out the cigarette. Many people following this rule could get rid of tobacco dependence for three days.
Steep a cigarette in milk. Next, dry up it completely. Having smoked this cigarette, you will not want to smoke very long time; anyway, you will feel disgust to a smoke smell.
Make a mouth rinse. Put 10 grams of grinded bistort root into a glass and fill it with boiled water. When the infusion have got cool, filter it. Rinse your mouth with the infusion 4- 8 times a day and before each cigarette. This rinsing vastly distorts a taste of tobacco smoke and makes smoking very unpleasant. For a rinsing of your mouth, you can also use an infusion of sweet flag and peppermint. If there are not those herbs, use baking soda.
Go out of doors when there is windy weather. Seize a handful of salt with your palms. Hold palms together tightly that the salt did not spill out. Imagine that power of your bad habit moves through your arms, issues from the palms, and is absorbed by the salt. Begin to unclench palms slowly, so that salt is poured out little by little and carried away by wind in an opposite side from you. When salt has poured out completely, rub the palms one against another that none of salt grain has not remained on your hands. Feel and believe that you are free from fetters of your habit.
To give rid of a smoking habit it is necessary to wash a person through a sieve. Pour water onto a head of the person through the sieve and say these words:
As water are not kept in the sieve, So a harmful habit
Will not kept on [name of the person].
Here are another means. Fry salt on a frying pan until it will turn black. When black salt has got cold, rub your palms with it. After that, you will not want to take a cigarette with your hands.
Cut a cheese into pieces in the form of a cigarette. Dry up them in a dry warm place. Put this cheese sticks into a cigarettes pack. When you have desire to smoke, take out a cheese stick, hold it as a cigarette, and eat it. This simple substitution will enfeeble your desire and, with time, help you get rid of the tobacco dependence.
Every time when you have a desire to smoke, chew a slice of a dried pineapple and next eat honey, half teaspoon is enough
Cut browse of a bird cherry tree into pieces. Put them into a refrigerator for day. Chew them when you want to smoke.
When you have a desire to smoke, take off your socks and get them on again — the left sock on the right foot and right sock on the left foot. You will at once notice that your desire has abated.
For a fast cleaning of organism from nicotine and recreation of ex-smoker, use an oats infusion. You need two or three cups of oats. Wash thoroughly oats with warm water. Fill a pot with oats and 2-3 liters of water. Boil it half hour. Next, put the pot with a decoction in a warm dark place and keep it there for 24 hours. After that, filter this infusion and keep it in a refrigerator. It is necessary to drink 120 milliliters of the infusion three times a day before a meal.
Take 100 grams of dried leaves of plantain and 100 grams of dried leaves of dandelion. Boil those herbs in milk for 30 minutes. Then, cool it. Take one teaspoon of this mean three times a day after a meal. In 3-4 days, a thirst for cigarettes will disappear.
Also, you can use a decoction of eucalyptus leaves. Put one teaspoon of grinded leaves into 400 milliliters of boiling water. In an hour, filter it and add one teaspoon of glycerin. Take 50 milliliters of this mean 5-7 times a day during 3-4 weeks.



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