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Breaking Evil Eyes and Hexes

Consequences of hexes and the Evil Eye can be shown as fast health impairment, continuous failures in all affairs and businesses, reduction and loss of a prosperity, continuous conflicts and scandals with relatives and friends (when earlier there was not these problems), you constantly have attacks of causeless irritation or fear, you are worried by various black thoughts, misgivings and hallucinations, and in your house there are unclear apparitions, sounds and smells.
In order to get rid of all these manifestations of evil, it is necessary to make a magical ritual named hex-breaking. There are many version of this ritual, and they all are based on a cleaning of biofield of a person or energy field of a place contaminated with evil or an additional charging it with “clean power” and vital force.

Magical Cleansing Bath

First, make twelve candles capable to float on water. Cut a big round candles on twelve parts so that you have disk-shaped candles with 1 inch height.
Fill a bath with warm water. Add to water an infusion of protective herbs. Wormwood, thistle, clover, bay, vervain, sage, fennel, basil — all these herbs can be used separately or in a mix. Also, you can add in water several drops of essential oil of lavender, rose, or eucalyptus.
Light the first candle and enter in water, holding the candle in the hands. Give water the candle, but not its flame — the candle should float on a water surface and not lose the flame. Light from it all other candles and also accurately place them on a water surface. Give yourself to water. Listen to yourself; listen to your internal and external feelings. Feel how all negative energies, all bad thoughts and malicious influences are absorbed by water and burnt by the flames of the candles.
After a time, go out from water. Realize that now you have not all your previous fears, problems and bad emotions. All they are washed by water and destroyed by the flame.


Ritual To Take Away Bad Feelings

If you feel that you became an object of a magical influence, make simple, but very effective action. You will need one yard of a flexible wire and a white candle. Roll the wire in a shapeless hank. Squeeze it between hands, imagining that all negative moments of your life which worry and do not give you rest become a part of this hank. Feel how the wire absorbs all your negative energy. If at this moment you have rage, vent it on the hank. Imagine that all your troubles now belong to this wire.
Then straighten the wire and wrap it around of the candle. Light the candle and observe its burning. Imagine that the fire burns and takes away from the wire and from you all your bad feelings and problems.
This ritual perfectly removes daily stress and nervous irritation, therefore you can make it every day. Give to the fire all accumulated at you for day physical weariness and bad emotions. Feel how on their place come new vital force and energy.


Incineration Of Black Magic And Hexes

During one week, carry 5-inches green cord always with you. During day, repeat several times these words:
All that touches me to the cord is transferred.
In seven days, make a candle, using this cord as a wick. Burn this candle completely. Say, setting fire to its wick:
Burn by clear light, by bright fire. When it burn down,
All black powers will disappear.
When the candle has gone out, finish the incantation:
Light to light, darkness to darkness, Good to good, evil to evil
Not to me, not to you,
Not to anyone.
The similar method of a daily cleaning from negative energy consists in daily incineration of a thread that you carried during day. In the morning, moisten a short white thread with your sweat or saliva. Doing this, say these words:
All that will be given to me, Also, the thread will receive.
Carry the thread during day in the clothes and, having come home, burn out it with words:
I burn not the thread, I burn black force. Let the fire eat all illnesses and fears, All hexes and Evil Eyes.
Having made so, it is necessary to fast look back over the left shoulder, over the right shoulder and look direct before you.


Magic Potion To Remove Negativity And Evil Eye

For removing negative consequences of hexes or the Evil Eye, it is necessary to drink the special potion. Gather sage in last quarter of the moon, bay leaves on the new moon, marjoram in the first quarter, and fennel on the full moon. Boil two hundred milliliters of a red wine, and uttering the incantation, add to it three pinches of each herb:
The one who drink is alive. The one who drink is healthy. The one who drink is protected.
When the wine has cooled down, filter and drink it all.


Breaking Hexes Using Candle Wax

The following work for break hexes, elimination of fatal consequences of the Evil Eye and negative influences which were directed at a person. You will need wax. You can buy it in a specialty store or buy a wax candle and extract a wick from it. Instead of wax, you can use paraffin.
Melt the wax in a tin can (or in a big tablespoon) on an open flame. Ask the afflicted person to sit down on a stool. Stand behind his (or her) back. Hold above his head a big dish with water. Cast the melted wax in the dish and say:
Spoiling, curse and any evil, Go out, flow out, and leave [name] From his head, from his hair, From eyes, from heart, from blood, From hands and from legs, From body and mind!
By names of all Archangels And by names of all Saints
I order you, to leave [name]!
Repeat this incantation three times and say in the end:
This is my word and word of God!
It will be so in centuries and for all time!
Throw out all used wax and flow out water from the dish. If a curse was very strong, it
is necessary to repeat the ritual three more times.


Ritual To Destroy A Curse And Evil Eye

For deliverance from a curse and the Evil Eye, do following. Ask a person on who negative influence was directed to sit down on a stool. Fill a glass with pure water. Burn three matches completely and throw them in the glass. Accompany this action with the incantation. Utter when you light the first match:
Born in fire, by fire will be frightened.
When you have burnt the second match, continue the incantation:
Blackened by black, by coal will be outlined.
Last match is burning out with words:
All it was to not come back.
Also, throw in water three pinches of salt and say:
This salt for expulsion of all evil.
Then say so that your words and breath touch surface of water in the glass:
By black coal, by white salt,
By fast wind, by transparent water
I wash away, fire out and exterminate. It’s my word! It will be so!
After that, sprinkle water on the person three times, once again repeat the last incantation and again three times sprinkle water on the person.


Anti Evil Eye Charm

Tie by a red thread two little rowan twigs so that they have formed a cross. Draw the figure of a person on a leaf of paper. If you know the one who has made malicious action, enter his (or her) name into this figure. If the initiator of black magic is unknown to you, enter “DEBERATOR” . Go to a deserted place. Put the rowan cross on this image. Put the paper with the cross on a plate and set fire to them. Utter incantation at this moment:
You have made three impacts
By malicious heart,
By Evil Eye, by bitter tongue.
Your punishment will be the same three impacts.
After the paper has burnt down, scatter ashes downwind and break the plate, throwing it on a stone.


Ritual To Cure Children From Evil Eyes

If a curse or the Evil Eye was directed at a child, take a long red thread and make a knot on one its end. Measure the height of the child by this thread and mark it by the second knot. Then ask the child to part the hands in the sides. Place the second knot to the fingertip of the middle finger of the child’s right hand and measure the span of the hands by the thread. Mark this size by the third knot. Having made this, go to deserted place, make a hole in an old tree and put the thread into it. Cork up the hole with a peg and say:
As soon as the child will outgrow the thread, Any evil will be in standstill.
This is my word forever and for all time.
When the child has outgrown the sizes marked on the thread, all malevolent influences disappear.
Antidotes for Foot Track Hexes
The breaking of a foot track hex is most easy, if you find that track. If in the track was hammered a nail, put on your shirt inside out. Salt the nail in the track. Extract the nail from the track. Immediately spit before you, over the left shoulder, and say:
Iron was strong, it became weak. The one who the nail has thrust Has deceived himself.
If you know the one who has made this hex, hide the nail near his home. When the evildoer is unknown, stick the nail in a heap of dust (the point upwards, the nail-head downwards), and say:
As the nail upside down, And evildoer on its head.
When you find the track that was cutting out from a ground, it is necessary to dispel it downwind and to say three times:
With wind it went away, It found who made the hex.
If material evidences of this black magic are not found, a victim of the hex must wear underwear, not taking off it during one week, and on the seventh day burn out it on a pile for which was used only birchen logs.
Antidotes for Wind Hexes
If was made a wind curse or hex, it is necessary throw cold water on the victim of this black magic. The water should was taken from three different wells and mixed. Taking water from wells, repeat the incantation:
Tsar of river, Tsar of sea, Give me sacred water
For health of [name of person], And for your glory.
Throw the water suddenly for a patient so that he (or she) will be frightened. Another means: it is necessary to find a knot that has dropped out of a dry pine, and
uttering incantation, to lead with it around of the head, the stomach, and laps of the afflicted person:
As brushwood of a pine get dry,
So all illnesses and curses will dry and go away From the head, from the stomach, from the legs.
Another means: melt wax, put a bowl with pure water on the head of the afflicted person, and pour the melted wax in the bowl. Repeat this action, putting the bowl on the stomach and on legs of the patient.
Antidotes for Hex of Family Brawl
If family scandals were caused by a hex, do the following. Fill on two thirds a pot with pure cold water. Add to it the powdered dried herbs — three pinches of thistle, a pinch of rosemary, and a pinch of salt. Put the pot on a kitchen-range. Tie together two dirty hand towels — one around of another. When water has begun to boil, place the tied towels in the pot and say:
I have awoke with the dawn,
I have washed in light water,
I have gone from a house through doors, From a court through gates,
In the western side, and in an open country. In that open country there is a bald mountain, On that bald mountain, there is a bathhouse, In that bathhouse, there are two towels, Both dirty and ragged.
As soon these towels in the ground will come, All troubles and scandals will stop.
It is my magic word, it is my magic will,
It is my magic deed.
A bit later, take the pot from the range and let water cool down. Then go to a lonely place, bury there the tied towels deeply in a ground, and pour out all water on this grave. The pot must be left on a crossroads.


How To Break Hexes Effectively

When you find obvious attributes of black magic near a front door of the house — candles, ashes, needles, poppy and black pepper, brimstone or salt — take a broom and stand with your back to the door. Having made a step back, cross the threshold and go out of the door. Keep the left hand with the broom behind the back and the right hand before the face. Bow down to the ground, take a pinch of salt (any other attribute of black magic that lies near the door), and say:
Hello, disaster.
I have opened the gate, And you do not go to the house.
Become straight, throw salt over the left shoulder and finish the incantation:
Evidently, you not love me.
All this it is necessary to do with open door. After final words, slam the door. Get rid of all that lies before the threshold. Collect the all dirt and magic objects in a paper or cellophane bag by the broom. Go to a lonely place and leave there all collected dust and the broom.
Having come back home, continue your magic. Make an infusion of juniper or nettle and add to it five pinches of salt. Uttering the incantation, splash the infusion on corners and walls of the house:
Black forces, malicious thoughts, bad things, Go away from this house,
From the doors and the corners,
From the floor, the roof, and the walls! There are no here for you a place and a rest, There are only a torment and a pain.
You have your own house
On a bald mountain, in a black cave
And in a dead bog.
Come back in your house and forget this place! It’s my word, now and in days to come.
Do it with opened windows and doors so that all negative energies could leave your house easily.
If proofs of black magic were found inside the house (it can be bones and feathers connected by a thread, a clue of black woolen yarn, a bag with ashes or a paper with curses), take the find in the right hand, go with it to the open front door, stand with your back to the threshold and say:
You resided in this house, Now reside in another place, All yours take away!
Throw that you hold in the hand over the left shoulder and over the threshold, and finish the incantation:
And not go back!
Repeat all actions which were described above — get rid of material aspects of the evil and clear the home from spirit manifestations of the another world. You can act as follows. Having come in a lonely place, burn out or tear to pieces a cursed note, scatter ashes downwind, untwine a clue, untie connected feathers, scatter them in the different sides, and say:
Who did the black work,
To them the blackness will return!
Who thought bad, to them the bad idea will turn! Who spoke bad, made this curse for themselves! Creep on a ground, float on water,
Be heated on a fire, be sprayed on a wind
On the same fate, on the same way. Superfluous to not touch,
The greater to not want,
For everything that was,
Or could be back to front to be.
Having come back home, make clean-up. And necessarily make ritual of removal of bad energy for all those who lives in the house in which the black amulet was found.


Cleanse Your House Of All Evil

Monthly, on the eve of the full moon, make cleaning of a house, using water in which add three garlic. Utter the incantation on the surface of this water and wash by it all floors, door handles, and windows:
Three rivers, three brooks, three keys. Only three on three waters Against evil and disasters. Neither enter that water, nor to find ford For any bad dark force
Neither at night nor in the daytime.
Then splash the rest of water by small whisk in all rooms of the house. Do it when your house became a haven for evil spirits and dark energies.


Ritual To Banish Ghosts Or Evil Spirits

When the evil spirit is shown as a ghost, it is necessary to notice where exactly it has
taken place to hammer in this place a big nail. In this place, you also can scatter salt or to rub the floor with garlic.
If these phenomena will not be stopped, put a small pocket mirror (the mirror surface is downwards) on the floor in that place where you have noticed a ghost. Don’t touch the mirror three days. Then carry the mirror (not looking in it) to a cemetery and bury it in an old ownerless tomb.


How To Eliminate An Evil Spirit Using A Magic Ritual

Buy pound of salt on Thursday, a church candle on Friday, and a knife with a long blade on Saturday. On Saturday evening, go to a lonely place and dig there not wide, but enough deep hole. Having come back home, draw the magical matrix on a sheet of black paper with red paint or ink.
Pierce the paper in two places by the knife and put them in a centre
of a main room of the house. Scatter salt on a floor and walls of the room and repeat the incantation:
Evil force, the Devil and all his retinue, Go to this black house!
There for you there are bread and salt, And from my house good riddance!
Scattering salt and uttering the incantation, walk on a circle — clockwise around the matrix — from east to south, from south to west etc. At first, throw salt on walls. Then throw it on the floor near walls and so on, nearer and nearer to centre of the room. Finally, you must strew with salt all over the floor, but not the black paper. After that, utter another incantation:
Zala legeb salada gafa.
Take the handle of the knife and take out the matrix from the house. Go to the secret place, all time mentally or aloud repeating:
Keep away from me! Keep away all!
Having approached to the dug hole, throw the knife with the black paper in it. Bury the hole and place a black candle on this tomb. Say:
You will be lay in this tomb
In centuries and for all time!
Forget a way back, forget a way forward! Forget my name, forget and your own name! Boro foro imo nitero.
Going away from this tomb, make some steps back to front, then quickly turn about and go home, not looking back. Don’t greet and don’t talk with anybody until you arrive at the home. Covering up your tracks, come back home on a roundabout way. To completely confuse evil forces, go around a church or a cemetery three times. Having come back, sweep out all salt and make cleaning of all rooms of the house.


How To Reverse A Magic Spell

In order that an evil will return to the one who has created it, make the reversing ritual. Take a liver or a heart of any animal and stick in it nine sharp chips or needles. Sticking the first needle, say:
This for who has Evil Eye!
The second needle should stuck into the heart at that moment when you say:
This for who has made the hex!
When you stick the third needle, your words are:
This for who has evil said!
Stick the fourth needle and continue the incantation:
This needle will pierce his heart [liver]!
This needle will pierce his tongue!
And stick the heart with the fifth needle. Using the sixth needle, you should say:
This needle will pierce his evil idea!
Say when the turn of the seventh needle has come:
Malicious idea, come back to your owner!
Stick the eighth needle with words:
Death force, come back to your owner!
Stick the last needle and say:
The Evil Eye, be closed!
After that, bury heart in ground or hide near to house of the offender.


Ritual To Stop Gossip About You

If somebody wants to do much harm to you, or spreads false rumours about you, act as follows. Fill a glass jar with water. Place a mirror on a table — the mirror must stand on the table. Put the Bible before the mirror and place on the Bible the glass jar. Between the book and the mirror, place a lighted red short candle. Sit down at the table. Look in the mirror through water and say:
Who with good, will have good also, Who with evil, will have this evil, Who with bad word,
Will get choke with the same word.
Having finished this ritual, go to a house of your evil-wisher and pour out the water near the front door, and all his (or her) evil plans will be vain.
Another means: if you know who spreads a false vicious gossip about you and you have a photo of this person, sew up a mouth of the slanderer on the photo using a grey thread. If you have not a photo, draw his or her face (detailed similarity is not need) on a sheet of paper
and write a first and last name of that scandalmonger above the drawing. Deal with the drawing as with a photo.
There is one more way to exterminate spiteful gossips and to punish an offender. Light a brown candle, imagining that this candle personifies your offender. Write his (or her) name on this candle by a needle. Write magic word: “ZAMU-WEGOR” on a small piece of paper. Drip on this word one drop of honey and roll paper in a ball. Make an incision on the candle by a sharp knife, imagining that this is the mouth of the offender. Insert the paper ball in the incision. Burn down the candle. Throw the candle end in a river or dig in ground in that place where your evil-wisher usually has a walk.


Ritual To Stop Enemies From Speading Rumours About You

If somebody spreads false rumours about you, has against you malicious plans, or already commit any injustice for you, write on a piece of paper the name, the surname, and if you know, date of birth of your offender. Look at this paper and imagine the face of the malevolent person. Fill a small jar with water. Roll the paper in a tubule, tie it with black thread, and place into the jar. Place the jar in a refrigerator and say:
By eyes of a dragon and by wings of an angel I conjure and state,
What against me definitely,
Will not find a place in the world.
Having done so, be sure that ice reliably keeps malicious ideas and actions of whose name was put into the ice prison.


Free Spell To Punish Evil Doers

For punishment for the harm, make the following. Get any private thing of the person who has offended you. In the morning before sunrise, cut off twig from nut-tree and say these words:
I take this twig for punishment of [name].
Having come back home, place the thing of the person on a table and flog it by the twig. Imagine that you flog the offender and say:
I flog not [name of the thing],
I flog [name of foe].
All these lashes impacts on him Will be reflected,
So that my pain go to owner of this.


Ritual To Teach An Enemy A Lesson

Fill a small green bottle with rotten water. Hold the bottle in the left hand. Walk backward (with your back ahead) along a circle and chant these words:
I shall stand up without a blessing,
I shall go without a sign of the cross, From doors to doors,
From a gate to a gate,
Along roundabout roads, along secret paths To a black horrible forest.
In this forest, there is a log cabin,
In the log cabin a tsarina of hags is. Her tooth is iron, her eye is glass,
Her foot is bone, her heart is stone,
A name of her is Baba Yaga.
That Baba Yaga makes poisons
For perdition of her foes.
Baba Yaga, make this water Pernicious and for my foes.
I shall get what I want,
You will get what you want.
Splash all water out the bottle in a place where your hater lives, works, or just has walked every day. Then go to forest, put the bottle near an old dead birch and say:
Baba Yaga, you get what you want, I shall get what I want.
After that, go home not looking back.


Ritual To Bind And Evil Enemy

Get a hair of your enemy. Within nine days, make knots (one knot at day) on the hair. When all knots are created, place the hair on a table, flog it by a twig or a strap, and say:
As this hair, get lashes and pain, So its owner will get impacts and pain. As this hair is bound by knots
So its owner will be bound by knots.
This magic should be made only when the fatal curse is really put on you, or an irreparable evil have place.


Ritual To Calm A Quarrelsome Person

Buy a shirt in which a quiet modest woman has died. Cut a long strip out this shirt. Sew the strip into a belt or clothes of a quarrelsome man and say:
As a dead person has calmed down in death, So you calm down in life, don’t speak too freely, Don’t lift your hand against anyone, Neither in afternoon nor at night forget my words.


Magic Ritual To Dominate Someone

When someone has caused you irreparable harm which it is impossible to forgive, use dominating magic. Obtain two needles — one thick and long, other short and thin. Insert the thin needle in the eye of the thick needle. Wrap a black thread around the joint of the needles and say:
Your needle is long, my is short, Your work is evil, my is good.
I pierce your evil and return to you All that for me was prepared, All that for me has made.
All yours back receive
Now and forever!
Stick the large needle in a door or a doorjamb of a house of your offender so that point of the little needle must be directed upward, and repeat the incantation.


Black Magic Ritual Against An Enemy

Obtain water with which was washed a dead man. Secretly splash it on back of your bitter enemy. If you cannot do so, splash the dead water on a front door and a wash with it
door-handle of a house of the hater. As a result, all people will treat him as if he is a dead man – unfriendly, coldly, will be avoid to meet with him.
The dead soap is used for the same purpose. It is given for washing hands, with it smear a door-handle or walls of an office for bankruptcy.



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