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Here you will find rituals and spells for different business, art, sport, science, and medicine. This magic for success in examinations, tests and interviews, for win in elections, politics and court cases, for good luck in gambling, hunting, and fishing, for protection from natural disasters, criminals, and wild animals. Besides, at this chapter, there are special rituals for getting out of bad habits and magical healing.

Magic Spell For Success At Examinations and Interview for a Job

Before go in for an examination or an interview, do the following. Saying magical words, shift a pinecone from the hand to the hand again and again:
As the right hand is kin to the left hand, So the left hand is kin to the right hand. As my words from lips are gone out, So my requests and affairs will go ahead.
You should have this pinecone during a contact with your employer or an examiner.
In the last evening before examination, put a manual of subject matter under your pillow, and place a bar of chocolate under a mattress there where your foots will be. After that, go to bed. It is considered that, at night, knowledge can go out a student through his legs.
In this case, the bar of chocolate will absorb them. Therefore, in the morning, you should eat the chocolate to recover your knowledge.
In the morning before an examination, leaving your bed, it is necessary to stand up on the left leg. For an examination, you should not put on new clothing, which you never have worn before. It is the best to put on clothing in which you have already had an examination and had a grade of “A”.
Going along a street to a place of an examination, don’t tread on covers of hatches — metal covers can take away your mental energy. Don’t turn back half-way if you leave something behind.
Before entering into an examination room, put five-kopeck coin in a shoe under your left heel. Actually, you should use any coin with an image of an excellent grade on it. If in your educational institution the excellent grade is “1” or “10’, use a coin with these figures. The grade “A” conforms to “1”. It is excellent if you have already used this coin for other examinations and had an excellent grade.
If before you your friend has got an excellent grade, ask him to kiss you in your nose — in that way, he will pass you his success.
You should enter into an examination room with the left leg. You should choose and take a question card with the left hand, standing only on the left foot, folding middle and index fingers on the right hand “for luck”, and closing your eyes tight. Having done that, you will get a question for which you have an answer.
During an examination, your friends and kin should abuse you left and right, call you fool, stupid, and ignoramus — then in reality, you will not make fool mistakes.
To Get a New Better Job
Go into a forest. Find two stumps which near one to another. Sit down on one of them and say:
I was on one place.
Take another seat and continue the spell:
But I’ll take better place.
To rise and go not looking back. Stand up and go home not looking back.


Magic Spell To Win an Election

To have advantage over opponent, write his (or her) name on ground and your name on a handle of a hatchet. Throw the hatchet so that its blade stabs in the name on the ground. Go around the hatchet clockwise three times. Next, take the hatchet from the ground and keep it in your house as an amulet of predominant strength and authority.


Magic Ritual To Boost Your Memory

Make three hard-boiled eggs. Shell them. Write secret words on the eggs by a needle. On the first egg: “GLAGON”, on the second: "FORBIS", and on the third: "MENOS". Eat all eggs. If your diet does not allow eating eggs, write these words on toasts and eat them in the order of the writing of the words.
To Get Inspiration
To get inspiration, expand your intellectual power, raise intelligence, and make fast and right decisions, take advantage of magical herbs. Make the herb mix: five parts of yarrow, five parts of wild marjoram, five parts of calendula flower, three parts of basil or hawthorn, three parts of a vervain or lavender, one part of cinnamon, one part of fennel, and one part of rosemary. Use those herbs, which you can obtain, or only hawthorn and wild marjoram. Fill a glass jar with the mix and cover it with a lid. Before a reaching an important decision or a beginning of a new work, shake the jar some time, and imagine your goal. Then open it and inhale herb aroma and energy. At this moment, imagine favorable development of a situation and your victory or don’t think of anything to get inspiration.


Make A Magic Amulet For Successful Team Work

Write names of all member of a team on a piece of paper. Pound colophony (any dried wood resin) in mortar. Add the same amount of granulated sugar to pounded colophony and mix them together. Fill a small wooden box on half with the mix — it is possible to use a match’s box. Put the paper with names in the box — you can fold the paper several times. Fill the box to the brim with the mix. Close the box. Hide this amulet in a safe secret place.
This magic can be used for coordination of a sports team and also for effective work any other team or crew — for success of any group actions.


Magic Spell For Success in Sports

To win a competition, wash soles of your sports boots with a sage infusion and say:
I am fastest, I am the very best,
Always and everywhere.
Another means. Take six white threads five inches long. Tear all these threads one at a time and say:
As these fetterlocks are torn,
So all obstacles on a way of [name] Will be broken.

Roll the torn threads into a ball and put it into a pocket of a sportsman.


Magic Spell To Make Someone Lose In Sports

In order that your opponent will lose, put three drops of wine vinegar on soles of his left sports boot and say:
As a wine has soured, so you will be soured.
Another means. Obtain a white feather. Singe it slightly with a match and say:
As a bird cannot fly without feathers,
So you will not soar.
Next, it is necessary to touch a sportsman with this feather or to do so that the sportsman will touch it, for that, hide the feather among his personal things.


Magic Spell For Success of an Creative Personality

This ritual to gain popularity for an actor, a singer, a musician, a writer, or an artist. On the eve of an important day (day of a theatre premiere, a book or picture appearance), make a small briquette of ice. Also, you need a business card or a photo of a creative personality. If you don’t have them, write his (or her) name on a piece of paper. Take the ice briquette out of a refrigerator. Put it on a plate. Make a hole in the ice. Pour granulated sugar into the hole. Place the card or the photo onto the ice. Place seven purple candles around the plate with the ice and light them. Watch a thawing of the ice and imagine that hearts of an audience will thawed by a work of a person whose name or image is depicted on the paper.


Magic Spell For Success In Music Or Singing

Dip your forefinger into liquid honey and write the secret word “ZAMAN” on a bottom of a saucer with the forefinger. Fill the saucer with warm water. When the honey inscription has dissolved in water, drink the water and say:
As this honey is sweet,
So my voice will be sweet for anyone.
Repeat this ritual once a week on Friday.
For Success of a Musician
To get virtuosity and glory, a musician should write the magical formula using the fingers instead of a pen. Obtain a pink paper and violet ink or paint. Write magical words on the paper so that the words arrange a triangle:
Atos + Sila + Meto + Qura Falo + Tibo + Hora Vino + Orfo
Make it with your fingers in the following order. “Atos” with the right index finger. “Sila” with the left index finger. “Meto” with the right middle finger. “Qura” with the left middle finger. “Falo” with the right fourth finger. “Tibo” with the left fourth finger. “Hora” with the right little finger. “Vino” with the left little finger. “Orfo” with the right thumb. “Mios” with the left thumb. After you have written all words, write crosses between words with a pen or a brush. When ink have dried, roll up the paper into a tube and fasten it with a blue thread. Seal up one end of the tube with pink molten wax. Fill the tube with granulated sugar and seal up other end of the tube with the pink molten wax. Hide this talisman in your house or at that place where you have your musical trainings.


Magic Spell For Success In Painting

Before work, wash brushes and an easel with an infusion of bay leaf and then your pictures will get more attention and value.
Before a beginning of a new picture, place a mirror before an empty canvas and say:
As the reality are reflected in the mirror, So the reality will be reflected in this canvas.
Having finished work, place again the same mirror before a picture and say:
Where mirror is, where picture is, No one will make out.
From time to time, hold a brush with your teeth (bite a tip of the brush) to get inspiration and to give more impression to your picture.


Magic Spell For Success In Writing

To become well-known and famous author, obtain a marker that write with gold or silver ink. Each morning, write your full name with the marker on a sheet of paper, imagining that success, riches and fame go to you.
A talisman for success of a writer is made so. Cut off a tip of a big goose feather to make an orifice. Fill the inside of the feather through the orifice with powdered sugar. Seal the orifice with molten wax. This feather should be placed on a table or near to a table where the writer works.
Before sending a manuscript to a publishing house, make “Paper magic” ritual described at Chapter Four — draw a special symbol on a mirror surface, light a green candle, direct a reflected light at the beginning and the end of the manuscript.


Magic Spell For Success In Journalism

Take a nine of spades from a card deck. Put the card on a saucer and scatter nine spoons of granulated sugar on it so that the sugar forms a hill. Place a silver candle in a centre of the hill. Light the candle. When the candle has burnt down, clean the card of the sugar and molten wax. A journalist or a reporter should carry this card as a talisman.


Magic Spell For Success As A Scientist

You will need a citrine stone, two yellow candles, and lemon oil. Dress the candles with the lemon oil. Put the candles on a table at a distance of three inches one from another and light them. Take the citrine and put some drops of the lemon oil on its surface. Place the citrine between the candles and say:
Klah lahom azarada klah lahom varatas.
When the candles have burnt down, wrap the stone in a yellow cloth. Scientist should have this talisman in his pocket or near himself for success of his research.


Magic Spell For Success Of A Politician

“Board of Three Tsars” is magical implement for contact with beyond powers which can give success to a political figure. Obtain a birch board in which there is a knot. Dislodge the knot from the board so that a hole is formed. Draw the three magical symbols on the board with black paint.
The circle on the figure is the hole. On the Saturday night, a politician should light a
purple candle, take the candle with his right hand, insert his left index finger in the hole on the board and say:
Gizura, Abson, Helgon,
You are Tsars and Rulers of the next world, I make a sacrifice to you and beg you Make me Tsar and Ruler of this world.
At the same time, he must tilt the candle above the board and give each symbol several drops of molten wax. Having finished the ritual, it is necessary to hide the board in a secret place. Also, the politician should carry the knot, which was dislodged from the board, as a talisman.


Magic Spell For Success of a Lawyer

To have success, a lawyer should carry heliotrope in the left pocket. For a stimulation of magic properties of this mineral, put three drops of bergamot oil on its surface or place heliotrope in boiling water in which also throw eighteen flowers of dog-rose.
To win judicial proceedings, make the following. Before beginning of a proceedings, take two long blades knifes with your left and right hands and stand face to the north. Striking knifes (edge against another edge), say these words:
I shall hack a sharp by a sharp,
A truth by a truth, a lie by a lie.
All that against me
Will come back to an opponent. Force in my hands, authority in my hands It is my word and all will be so as I said!
Hide knifes in a secret place, don’t use them for another needs. Repeat this ritual before each proceeding to have physical and mental advantage over opponents.


Magic Spell For Success In Court Cases

If you have any lawsuits and litigated cases, make the following. Drill deep and wide enough hole, but not reach-through hole, in a nut of a chestnut. Mix up in equal parts dry herb of sage and tobacco and grind them in a powder. Pour the power into the cavity of the chestnut and seal up it with fused wax from a lighted black candle. You should have this amulet when you will be in court. From time to time, touch the amulet with fingers of your left hand.


Magic Spell For Success In Getting Inheritance

When there is a hearing of hereditary affairs, prick the fingertip of your right middle finger till it bleeds, and put this blood on the fingertip your left middle finger. In this case, a court decision will be in your favor.
Another means. If there is a discord in a partition of a real estate, do the following. Fill a small vessel with two parts of milk and one part of red wine. Add three pinches of salt and three drops of your blood to it. Pour out this mix near a threshold of a house which you want to win and say secret words:
Al krabyr fro minor, oto libur kan sero.
Another means. Obtain a key to an entrance door of a house which you want to win. Place it in a pot. Fill the pot with water and boil it. Add a feather of an eagle-owl, a tuft of black cat, and a one drop of your blood to boiling water. When the water has cooled down, take out the key, put a lace through the key hole and put it on your neck. Carry this amulet until you will take possession of the real estate.


Magic Spell For Success In Gambling

To be lucky in a gambling, you should carry one of the following amulets. A magnet, cat's eye, aquamarine, beryl, an angelica root, a shark’s tooth, a piece of alligator’s skin. You also can put wool of a white cat under an insole of your left shoe.
Write an amount of money that you want to win on a piece of green paper with red ink. Burn out that paper and rub your hands with ashes.
The following ritual for professional gamblers. When you have a big winnings, take one dollar from those money, hide it in a dark place and say:
Dollar, you must rise.
Don’t touch that bill until you will have another big win. Then take another dollar from the new money, grip it in your left fist and grip the first dollar in the right fist. Say:
Dollar to dollars, all to me.
Next, put two bills together, place them on your left palm and say:
Dollar to dollars will make million.
Hide the bills in the dark place and conclude the spell:
Dollars, you must rise.
Repeat this ritual every time when you have big winnings — take any dollar from already collected dollars, add a new bill to it and then place them the “dark money place” where they must “rise”.


Magic Spell For Success Winning The Lottery

Before a filling of a lottery-ticket, light a violet candle, gaze into its flame, trying to see any images, symbols, or numbers. Having discerned the first number, bring it in the ticket. Next, look for other numbers in fire.


Magic Spell For Success In Winning Race and Sports Betting

Write a name of a team that must lose on a piece of paper. If you bet on a race, write names of all opponents — names of horses or dogs. Roll up the paper and put it in a small bottle. Fill the bottle on half with peas of black pepper. Write a name of a team that must win on other paper and put it in an other bottle. Fill this bottle on half with granulated sugar. Cork up the bottles. Before a beginning of a game, take the bottle with pepper with your left hand, and the bottle with sugar with the right hand. Shake them as rattles and utter:
Ube, ube on, ube, ube ron. Ube foru, ube kadabon.
During all game from time to time, shake your magical rattles, repeating the magic words.


Magic Spell For Success In Fishing

You need a fifteen inches brown thread. Before a beginning of fishing, wind the thread round the middle phalange of your left middle finger and say:
It is caught and will not go off.
Unwind the thread and throw it in a river.


Magic Spell For Success At Hunting

Before a hunting, it is necessary to stand before a big mirror, make three complete turns in the right side and say:
Katra zigula fara kafon
Then animals will not see you and allow to come near to themselves.
For successful hunting, it is necessary to prick the left middle finger till it bleeds, lick off drop of blood and say:
Now I eat my blood And I’ll eat blood of others.
Another means. Go to an open country. Make a little hole on a ground. Make a bonfire. Put dried wormwood, a lock of your hair, your cut fingernail from the right thumb, a feather of a raven, and a copper coin in a bowl. Fill the bowl with milk and place the bowl on the fire. When the milk has boiled, pour out it in the hole and also throw all things from the bowl in the same hole. Bury the hole and say:
I make this sacrifice to Earth Tsar, To Tsar of forest, and to Tsar of animals In order that they will give me
A lot of game and trophies
The word was told, the work was made.
If you have done that, your hunting will be successful.


Magic Spell To See a Forest Spirit (Leshy)

If you will find favor of a forest spirit, you will never get lost in the forest, your hunting and berrying will be successful, bears and wolfs will not kill you. Go in midwood. Cut down an aspen so that it has fallen eastward, then to stand onto a stump, face to the east, stoop to the ground, look between the legs back and say:
Tsar of Forest, Nunky Leshy, Appear not as a grey wolf,
Not as a black raven,
Not as a tree or as a shrub, but as a man.
When a forest spirit will appear, ask his favor and protection, promise to not damage his possession and good word say about him. After that, draw yourself up to you full height and go home not looking back.


Magic Spell To Find Favor With Anyone

To find favor with any person, to enlist his support, to persuade him to do something, or just to have power over somebody, make the following. Draw a cross on your right palm with a charcoal and say secret words:
Terra, Mata, Naha
Then wash the image of the cross off the palm, but not off your memory and imagination. Feel a presence of this mark on the palm when you will be shake hands of a person necessary to you. In the moment of contact of hands, mentally repeat the words already known to you. At the same time, you should imagine and feel that your mark has passed from your palm on a palm of your "victim". You can use this magic to extend your power over many people — repeat magical words with each handshake.
Another means. If you want have an impact on any person, prepare a magical potion, wash your hands with it, and then touch the person by the hands — it can be a handshake, a pat on the back or just an accidental touch. The potion prepares so: place a pot with pure water on fire. Throw in boiling water five pinches of dry powder of stinging nettle, three pinches of ground taken on a crossroads, one feather of a black raven, one flock of red cat, three pea of black pepper, one pinch of salt and one teaspoon of honey. Boil the potion a quarter of an hour. When the potion have cooled enough to not cause a scald, wash the hands with it — be careful, don’t hurry up, the potion must not be very hot.


Magic Spell For Success Release From Captivity Or Prison Early

To commute a punishment of a prisoner, or get a discharge before an appointed time, make the following. Go in an uninhabited house. Put there a photo of the prisoner (or any personal thing of him) in a corner. Stand close to the corner, face to it. Cross your hands and put your palms on walls which form the corner. Say the incantation:
Asharda gitaba kira kamod [Name of the prisoner] Itera sonus aba.
Turn round and stand with your back to the corner. Put the palms on the walls (don’t cross your hands) and continue the incantation:
Sabra lina kode rom [Name of the prisoner] Vira taiba.
Take the photo and go home.
To promote an escape, pour water through a sieve and say such words:
As water has passed through bars,
So [name of a prisoner] will pass through all bars, Directly to freedom.
Another means. Unwind a clue of a brown cord completely. Pull the cord and repeat these words:
As this clew will be unwound So a way of [name of a prisoner] Will be straight from a prison.
Instead of a clue you can unweave a sock. Another means. Bend a knitting needle and say:
Metal is strong, but [name of a prisoner] is stronger. The needle is sharp, but [name of a prisoner] is sharper, All in his hands, all in his power.
Put the bended knitting needle on a photo of the prisoner.


Magic Spell For Obedience Of Children

Prick your finger till it bleeds. Moisten seeds of a parsley, carrots, or cucumbers with your blood. Sow those seeds. Take the crop and feed your children in order that they will be obedient and will not forget you when you will be old.


Magical Message - Love Letter Spell

Before writing a love letter, slightly rub a paper with dry lavender. In order that written words will achieve a heart of your beloved, add some drops of your blood in ink.
If you will write a business message, rub a paper with a dry thistle or a juniper. In order that your words will have more power, add some drops of blood of a white pigeon in ink.
A paper with your written application should be impregnated with a smell of birch leaves.
A message to a friend can be accompanied with a pine smell.
If your words on a paper are somehow connected with finances, add magnetic sawdust in ink for an attraction of money.


Magic Spell For Successful Shopping

Before shopping, do the following to make successful purchases and to not waste money. Strike a match. When the match has burnt to its middle, blow out it. Draw a cross on your left palm with the charred match. Hold a lobe of your right ear with the thumb and forefinger of your left hand and say:
The left to the right, the better to the best, All for me, all into my house.
Erase the cross — rub the left palm against the right palm. After that, you can go to shops.


Magic Spell For Keeping A Secret

If you do not want that your secret became property of the public, make a knot on a yellow thread, imagining that it embodies your secret. Next, light a violet candle and seal up the knot with molten wax. Place the thread in a secret place and keep it in inviolability.


Magic Spell To Find A Lost Thing (Item, Object)

To find the lost thing you should put three drops of bergamot oil or eucalyptus oil on a surface of a beryl, next, grip this gem between your palms and imagine the lost thing. Wait for spontaneous thoughts and mental visions connected to a place where now there is the thing.
Another means. Place an alight violet candle in the centre of a house (in which a loss has occurred) on a plane surface. Imagine a lost object and watch a burning of the candle. At the same time, repeat the secret words:
Al kabura fonte nabel ekura, As sibul nabel kul.
A side of the candle on which molten wax will start to flow down will indicate a necessary direction for your search.


Magic Spell To Identify An Enemy

If the thirtieth date of any month falls on Saturday, at this time you can find out your secret enemy. On the eve of the thirtieth date just before midnight, cover a table with a black cloth, put on it a big mirror, and place before the mirror a black candle. Light the candle with the third match — one after another inflame the first two matches and blow out them, and use only the third match for an ignition of a wick. Sit down to table with your back to the mirror and the candle. Take an other small mirror, hold it above your left shoulder and look at it.
Catch, in the mirror, a reflection of the mirror which stands on the table. Peer into a mirror corridor which is created by two parallel mirrors and repeat these words:
Ura, Ura, Ura. Bula, bula, bula. Kula, kula, kula.
At this hour, at this night,
Between two mirrors, between two worlds, My enemy, appear up for truthful words.
When a vision has appeared and you discerned its face, say another words:
As your face was reflected from the mirrors, So your evil actions will be reflected And returned to you.
After that, spit in the mirror which are in your hand and conclude ritual with words:
It is my truth and it truth of world. It will be so.



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