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Magic Spell For The Protection Of A Soldier

Buy three padlocks. Open them and say:
At this day, at this hour,
I start to talk about [full name],
For protection against wounds and death, I ask Sacred Power,
Eternal Power, Heavenly Power Protect [full name] from all enemies
Cover him with three high doors, Close those doors with three iron padlocks, And take keys to the heavenly height. Nobody of mere mortal can go to heavens, Nobody can take the keys there, Nobody can unlock the padlocks, Nobody can open the doors, Nobody can do harm to [full name].
So it is, so it will be,
From now and forever.
Close the padlocks so that their arches come through each other. It is necessary to hide this amulet in a home of a soldier when he is on a war — under his bed is the best place. Also, you must hide the keys in different places so that nobody can found and use them.


Magic Spell For The Protection of a Policeman

Strew much salt on a black cloth. Draw a circle on the salt with your forefinger and say:
Gasano foro hiob.
Draw a cross inside the circle and conclude the incantation:
Ametrium ipeta coris.
Shower a police officer with the charmed salt — he should close his eyes of course. This action will create an invisible armor around him, defend from bullets and knifes.


Magic Spell For The Protection Of A Firefighter

Obtain a two-colored candle — a candle that have one red half and black other half. If you can’t buy such candle, make it yourself — use red and black wax, or paint a white candle with red and black paint. Fill a bowl with clean water. Take the candle on its middle with the thumb and the index finger of your right hand. Hold the candle horizontally above the bowl. Light the candle on two sides. When the candle has burnt almost up to its middle, open your fingers and allow the candle to fall in water. After water extinguished the candle fires, take the candle end out the bowl. Clean the rest of a wick of from wax. That wick is an amulet for protection of a firefighter. A firefighter should carry it when he fights against fire.


Magic Spell For Safety of a Pilot

Obtain a bone of an eagle or any another predatory bird. Burn out this bone to get ashes. Mix the ashes with blue wax. Form the wax into a plate and write the word “Fargabas” on it with a needle. Form the waxen plate into a sphere and with this action, rub out the inscription on the wax. Diameter of the sphere should be approximately one inch. Before a flight, a pilot should squeeze the sphere with his hands several times.


Magic Spell For Safety of a Seaman

Before go aboard, a seaman should step with his right foot on the left foot and say:
As now the foot stand on the foot on solid ground, So next time,
The same foots will stand on solid ground.


Magic Spell For Protection Against Stealing

Make an herb mix. Use in equal parts: garlic flowers, thistle herbage, chicory root, and caraway seeds. Fill a small blue bag with this mix. Hang the bag in the western corner of your house and say:
A theft will not happened in this house,
As long as these herbs here.
My words are a key and a lock.
The lock are locked, the key are broken and lost.
Another means. Obtain a five-foot grey cord, tie together the ends of it, and say:
As this cord has not the beginning and the end, So this house has neither an entrance, nor exit
For thieves and for any malicious men. My tongue is a key; my mouth is a lock,
My words are hasps.
Hide the cord under a threshold of an entrance door of the house. Each time going out the house, don’t forget to repeat the above magical words.


Magic Spell To Punish A Thief

To punish a thief and constrain him to return your things, put on a table seven knifes (their points should be directed in different sides) and say:
On Black Sea, on Bujan Island, in a oaken chest, There are seven Damascus knifes.
I open that chest, I take those knifes,
I direct them in my aim.
Knifes, go for so-and-so,
For that who has made the harm,
Who has taken away my property. Knifes, cut so-and-so up and down
Until so-and-so give back my things.
My word is a truth, my judgment is fast.
Repeat this ritual three days.
Another means. To force a thief to return your things or, at least, to make so that a thief have physical and emotional pain, make the following. Light a dark blue candle and associate it with a thief. Prick a candle flame with a needle many times, imagine that you deliver blows to the thief.


Magic Spell For Protection Against A Fire

To safeguard a house against a fire, make the following. Light a bonfire. When it have burnt down, collect ashes, scatter it in all four corners of the house and say:
That which has turned into ashes once, Not will turn into ashes again.
Another means. Take small piece of coal from old charred ruins. Carry this coal through all rooms of your house, then throw it out of the window, and say:
It has come from somewhere, Has not settled down here, And has gone away.
Another means. To safeguard a house against a fire, place a wooden plate on which was written secret words: “SHTAT BAAT MAARAT” on a garret.
The Protection against a Thunderbolt
In order that a thunderbolt will not destroy or set fire to a house, make the following. Stand at a main room of the house, face to the north. Take a black alight candle with the left hand and a red alight candle with the right hand. Press the left fist to the right fist. Make the sign of the cross with your hands and two candles together over space before you and say:
There is the sign of the cross on this house For protection against heavenly fire.
Fist, blow out the black candle and then the red one.


Magic Spell For Protection Against A Tornado (hurricane, cyclone, storms)

In order that a strong wind will not destroyed a house, it is necessary to approach window in the house, pass all five fingertips of the right hand over a windowpane top-down and say:
Baklabus ugidon moras fagon.
Make so at a beginning of a storm.
Another means. Stand at doors of a house, take a deep breath, holding your breath, go around the house. Repeat this action three times.
To not Drown
Hold much water in your mouth and mentally say the secret word:
After that, swallow down all water.
To avoid dangers from the water element, it is necessary to fill a glass with clean water, draw three crosses on a water surface with your middle finger-tip and drink all water.
Another means. Fill a bottle with water from a river. Say magical words on the water:
Water, I will set you at liberty
And you will not captive me.
It is our agreement, before heaven and earth.
Pour out the water into the river.


Magic Spell For The Protection Of A Car

Place a car on an open space. Light a green candle and put it in front of the car at a distance of three yards from the car. Light a red candle and put it behind of the car. Light a yellow candle. Sit down on a drive place, holding the yellow candle with hands. Say:
There are three colors on my way, Green ahead, red behind, yellow in the middle. Those colors will be in this order always. This car will not be broken,
Not from behind, not from front,
Not from sides, not inside.
My words are solid and strong, Solider than a rock, stronger than an steel, From now and forever.
Blow out the yellow candle. Go out of the car and blow out other candles. This ritual not only will protect your car from breakdowns, but will also give you good luck on road, — you will always be accompanied with a green light, a red light will always remain behind, the power of a yellow light will give you driver skill and concentration.


Magic Spell For Safety During Journeys, Trips, Travel

Before start on your journey, draw three crosses on the left palm with a key. On the right palm, also draw crosses, but in this case, use a coin. Leave the key and the coin at home to not have troubles on the journey and safely return home
Another means. Day prior start on your journey, go to five different roads and take one small stone from each of them. Place four stones from outside of your home, on corners of the house. Place the fifth stone before a threshold of a front door. In this case, your journey will be fortunate and you will return home safely.
Another means. Starting on your journey, take with you one bean from a bean-pod and leave the bean-pod with all other beans at home.
Another means. Preparing for a journey, write secret words: “ ZAM HAUM AZA VOKS” on a piece of paper. Hid this talisman under an insole of your left shoe. Leaving a house, do the first step with left foot. In this case, you will not have a fatigue and troubles on your way.


Magic Spell For Saftey When Moving Into A New Dwelling, House, Home

Before moving your things into a new house, make the following. Buy a spool of red thread. Measure the house with this thread — place the thread on a floor along a perimeter of all rooms of the house. Having spread the thread along a perimeter, light white candles and
place them in every room of the house. In ten minute, sweep the thread with a besom into a paper-bag — don’t take the thread with your hands. Blow out the candles and also put them into the paper-bag. Go to a deserted place and throw out the paper-bag there. By this action, you will eliminate all negative energy of house that could stay from former owners.


Magic Spell To Domesticate A Pet Faster

In order that a new dog (or a cat) will get accustomed faster to its new home and not run away, cut off several hairs from its head, back, and tail; put the hairs together, hid them under a threshold of a front door of your home and say.
As dog wool are held by the threshold, So the dog will be held in this house.
In order that a new dog or a cat will get accustomed faster to you, give them to drink water which you have used for washing of your hands and foots. When it drinks the water, say these words:
From me to water, from water to you. As you can’t live without water
So you can’t live without me.
In order that a cat or a dog will always find a right way to its home, place your pet before a big mirror and say
As a reflection always finds its owner, So the cat (dog) will always find its home.


Magic Spell To Return A Lost And Found Animal

In order that nature powers help a lost animal to find a right way to your home, go to a
crossroads, taking any thing of your pet. Stand face to the west, bow down to the ground and say:
Tsar of west roads,
I ask you guide a living thing
Named (name of the animal)
On a true way from woods and dales
Directly to my home.
There will be gratitude and glory for you
From all my family and me.
Turn to the east, bow and repeat the same incantation, but say, “Tsar of east...” instead of “Tsar of west...” Next, turn to the north and the south, make bows for each side and repeat
magical words asking Tsars of north and south roads for a guiding of your pet.


Magic Spell For Defense Against A Furious Dog, Animal

If there is a furious bay dog on your way, cross the index and middle fingers and say:
By a power of Laron and by a law of Fatar,
I conjure and I enjoin,
Turn into a stone, press yourself to a ground,
Don’t raise your paws.
A lock and a key for my words,
The lock on you, the key in my hand.
Don’t unlock the fingers, until you will leave the dangerous place.
Mix cedar oil and geranium oil in equal parts. Put three drops of this mix on a sole of your left shoe to prevent an attack of a dangerous animal.


Magic Spell For Defense And Protection Against Snakes

Burn out twigs and leaves of a poplar. Rub soles of your shoes with ashes for defense against a poisonous snake. Scattered those ashes before an entrance door to keep a snakes out your house. In the same way, you can use ashes of wormwood.
Before to go to a place where there are many snakes, take the lobe of the left ear with your right hand and the lobe of the right ear with your left hand and say:
And then you will be safe.
Kotar abe on.



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