Charms And Talismans For Protection From Hexes, Curses And Black Magic Spells




Protection From Evil Magical Attacks

Magical attacks, putting the Evil Eye, evil spells, curses, and hexes are malevolent magic that means a transmitting of negative energy from one person to other. If someone wishes a disaster, an illness, or misery for someone, mentally these disasters imagines and gives vent to these negative ideas through the gloating stare, this action is named “Putting the Evil Eye”. When negative energy finds vent in hated words, this is “Curse”. If to a curse or to the Evil Eye are added special magical actions, this magic is named “Hex”.

One simple example of malevolent magic is a foot track hex. Usually, it is noticed a place where a person has left a foot track and a nail is hammered in this place with a curse. In the other case, a foot track is unearthed and with this earth is made various magical actions. These hexes make a afflicted person is constrained and unattractive for other people, cause melancholy and grief, inhibit a reaction to dangers. The ending of it can be: a full loss of interest in life, misfortune in all affairs, a financial ruin, a nervous breakdown, a development of a sclerosis, urolithiasis, death from accident or cardiac arrest.

There are wind curses or wind hexes. For these hexes, is prepared special magic powders or used usual street dirty and dust which with a curse are scattered down wind in direction of a victim. A person, under the action of these hexes, becomes very nervous and loses self-control. By the aggressive and unbecoming behavior, the afflicted person pushes away all people. His rash acts can destroy his life, result him in a crime and in imprisonment. Besides, the person has very fast exhaustion of the organism, eyesight is weakens, there are gastric and pulmonary pains, paroxysms of an asthma and incoercible vomiting. In the final, these hexes drive mad, result in death from suicide or full physical exhaustion.
All these hexes and curses have properties of inhibition of mind and behavior of a victim — the victim of a hex is not capable and does not want to escape from the vicious circle of problems and every day more and more get bogged down in them. In these cases, the victim is the initiator of his (or her) own failures and losses.

In other cases, disasters come from the outside. Very frequently, a doll hex is guilty in this. In this black magic, a waxen or a clay doll is made, and it is identified with a victim. Then with the doll is performed a situation that must will take place in a reality — any accident, any situation bringing a loss of well-being, incurable illness, death and burial.
There are various magical actions which cause impotence and frigidity. Sometimes these hexes make as follows. In a specific place of a personified doll, make a small hole, then on a thread make knots, and place this thread into the hole in the doll. After that, the hole is puttied and the doll is hided in a dwelling of a victim. Instead of a magic doll, “close things” of a victim can be used — his or her blood, hairs, nails and a photo. These objects are pierced by needles, burned and destroyed.

Further, it is necessary to notice the incubus hexes — by specific magical actions is created a negative spirit object (incubus, elementary spirit) that then is implanted into a biofield of a victim. This elementary spirit has only one mission — to destroy its carrier. As a result, the implanted spirit receives “vote” in internal dialogue of a victim, it constantly “whispers” how to act, induces to those acts and decisions which will result only in losses and deprivations. At the same time, the implanted spirit “eats” vital power of its carrier and causes a complete loss of sound mind, a power exhaustion of an organism, and death.

Version of the incubus hexes is a hex of black amulets. In this case, the primary carrier of a malicious spirit is a special thing that secretly or obviously placed in a dwelling of a victim. As a black amulet can be used a paper with murderous magical symbols or bad words, coins and paper money, different sharp metal objects, ritual masks and figurines, feathers tied with red or black threads, fossils and bones, corked vials in which there are strange objects.
In black magic, are frequently used various things symbolizing death and destruction — ashes, broken glass, clotted blood, ground from a tomb, a twig or a leaf from a funeral wreath, coffin nails, a shroud and things belonging to deceased person. The presence of these things near to door or inside your house can be sign that near to you there is black magic.
This magic can be directed not only on a one person, but also on all those who will have contact with a black amulet. Sometimes under an influence of a black amulet, there can be a sizeable space and all those who in this place have location. This malevolent magic is a frequent reason of disintegration of families and friendly relations. If a black amulet is placed where there are business meetings, bargains and contracts are made, its influence will be breaking commercial success and depriving people of their business qualities.

It is necessary to remark that a result of any black magic should be considered as a disease that can be curable. And in any case, it is always easier to prevent the spread of disease than to cure it. Therefore, at the beginning let’s consider methods of protection against the Evil Eye and hexes, and later we will pass on to elimination of any negative consequences.


Safety Pin Charm For Personal Protection

Obtain a safety pin. Fasten it on your clothes in the area of the heart or the solar plexus. Carry this charm secretly so that other people could not see it. Each evening unfasten the pin and pay attention on its needlepoint. If you will notice that it has changed the color, become dark blue or black, it is the signal of that on you was made a magical influence and that this influence was stopped by the needle. In this case, spit three times, one time forward and twice back — over the left and the right shoulder. After that, bury the pin in a ground. It is important bury the pin with open needle so that all accumulated in it negative energies could easily flow in the ground. Buy a new safety pin and use it in the same way. If the color of the needle for day has not changed, open the pin and leave it so overnight. In the morning, fasten it on your clothes again.
This simple, but very effective method is capable to protect from very many kinds of malevolent magic directed on a destruction of a biofield of a person and a producing of various diseases.


Rowan Cross Charm For Protection Against Evil Beings

On Friday morning, pick two small twigs from rowan-tree. Lay these twigs cross-wise and tie them together with a red thread. Doing this, say the wards:
This cross for protection
Against creatures of this and other world, Against alive and against dead, Against their evil thoughts and malicious acts.
Attach a red lace to the rowan cross and carry this amulet on our neck.


Double Mirror Charm For Protection From Evil Eyes And Hexes

Obtain the custom-made round bilateral pocket mirror with 1 – 1.5 inches in diameter. Place this mirror in a small black leather pouch. Carry this amulet on a neck or in pocket near to the heart. This double mirror not only will protect you from hexes and the Evil Eye, but also from many negative emerges of natural kind.


The Disk and the Cross Talisman For Protection From Competition

Obtain a custom-made small gold disk and the silver cross. Engrave on the disk all
magical symbols — make it on Sunday. On Monday, engrave on the cross the other symbols. On Thursday, solder two figures together. Place it in a leather pouch and carry it on the chest under clothes. This talisman is especially necessary when you have daily magical practice and have “magic competition”.


Talisman To Protect Children

If a child is small, it is not very good to use for his (or her) protection any personal talismans which contain any magical and cabbalistic symbols. In this case, it is the best way to make “natural talismans” which will protect all baby room and a cradle.
For protection of a child from the Evil Eye, put three bay leaves in a cradle under mattress and fasten red ribbons to a cradle — the number of the ribbons should be odd. You also can put an old key under a cradle or fasten a little hand bell to it.
A bundling of swaddling clothes with the color ribbon (blue for a boy or pink for a girl) not only for appearance and increase of reliability of swaddling. First of all, it is a way of protection of a biofield of a baby. Recollect the magical circle that is necessary for protection. And here, a color ribbon also creates an isolation of space and plays the role of a protective barrier.
In order to a child was not scared with nightmares and spooks, scatter salt around a cradle so that it has formed the closed circle. Instead of a salt circle, you can surround a cradle with a white rope or draw a circle by a white chalk on a floor.
Pay attention to a position of a cradle in a baby room. Very important that it stood
lengthways of battens and not placed directly under a ceiling beam.
Since ancient times children's rattles have used for deterrence of malicious spirits and


Magical Incantation To Return A Bad Wish

If someone wishes you well or praises your child, but you surmise that this “well” is just words and at heart there are evil and hatred, when bite the tip of your tongue and mentally say:
And I wish the same to you.
If “well” really was in mind, it come back to the well-wisher with threefold well. If your guess were true, the black thought will be reflected. Despite of its simplicity, this action is rather effective.
Natural Locks
Lacing your shoes, buttoning your clothes, putting on a ring, clasping a brooch, say mentally or aloud:
I safe with this lock
From malicious attack,
From Evil Eye, from bad words. There is not admittance for them to me Neither in work, nor in rest, Neither at night, nor at daytime. These my words are the key and the lock, From now and for all time.
This incantation combined with “locking action” will close reliably all secret locks of your biofield.


Magic Ritual To Protect Yourself From Negative Influences

In the morning, make protective ritual to be in safety all day. Take in the right hand a knife or a long needle. Stand the face to the east. Draw an imaginary cross in a circle by point of the knife in air directly before you. Imagine how your internal energy is transferred to the blade of the knife, how it escapes from the knife point (as an electrical discharge) and creates in space before you the vision of a fiery figure — the color of the flickering circle-cross should be spectral blue like burning of alcohol or gas. Necessarily feel material presence of the figure at that place where you have created it. The vision (the imagination) of this figure
should be so visible that at times it seems to you that you can touch it, feel its cold flame and a density of power making it. It is very important that you will keep these sensations in future. Surround yourself with these circle-crosses on all four sides. Turn to the right, and standing face to the south, draw the second figure. Again turn to the right, draw by the knife one more cross, and circle. The fourth figure must be formed in northern space. In addition to that, draw cross and circle above you. During all day, you should feel a presence of these figures. It is not necessary to see them, enough to know that around you there is an insuperable barrier for all dark forces and negative influences.


Mental Cross For Protection From Evil Eyes And Incantations

If you feel negative power coming from some man, mentally make the sign of the cross on this man. Make it three times and say, not opening the mouth:
This cross covers you,
So as will not be black idea,
Neither a bad incantation, nor Evil Eye.
Communicating with such people, hold the right hand in a pocket and combine the
fingers in fico.


Magical Ritual For Renewed Energy

If you feel that from you exhaust vital energy, place the palm of the left hand on the centre of the stomach in that place where there is the solar plexus. Imagine and feel that all your internal energy has a circle motion. In these cases, you also can connect hands together, interlace the fingers and put the leg on the leg if you sit. Making these actions, you block the main channels through which your internal force can be loosed.


Free Magic Ritual Againt Bad Influences

Imagine that between you and your interlocutor there is an insuperable power barrier which protects your biofield from any extraneous influence. As the barrier, you can mentally place an imaginary mirror whose reflective side is directed to your opponent. You also can imagine yourself inside a bright gold sphere whose luminescence pushes all dark power and negative influences away from you.


Powerful Magic Talisman And Ritual TO Fight Black Magic

If it is difficult for you to keep a mental image of a protective barrier, create it with the help of dynamic talisman. Make the copper disk with two holes in its centre — it is like a big button. The diameter of the disk must be approximately 1.5 inches and thickness 0.15 inches. Engrave on this disk two interconnected squares and four magical symbols . Take a
cord with length 80-90 centimeter. Pass it through the holes in the disk and tie together its ends with three knots .
For creating around yourself an impenetrable power barrier, you must take ends of the cord with the thumb and the index fingers (so that the symbols on the disk were directed to your right hand) and make several (about fifteen) swirling movements to interlace the cord. After that, move the hands in opposite sides and gently pull the ends of the cord. The cord will start to untwist, and the disk will start to rotate. In half second, relax a little the hands and the tension of the cord. The disk will continue to revolve mechanically and will force the cord to interlace again. Then again pull the ends of the cord in opposite sides. In this way, pulling and weakening the cord, you will force the disk to revolve sometimes in one side, sometimes in the other.

Beginning the protection ritual, stand face to the East. Place the hands directly before yourself and set the disk in the motion. Having made several rotary cycles and not stopping movement of the disk, make the turn to the right — turn in forty-five degree. After a time, turn to the right in forty-five degree once again. In that way, you must make the eight turning — the full revolution around yourself. All this time your stare and attention must be directed to the revolving talisman. You must mentally see how the revolving disk emits luminous radiant energy which is evenly allocated around you. As a result of it, around you are created a protective cocoon — shining with all the colors of the rainbow a phantasmal sphere.

Having made this ritual in the morning, you will be protected from any black magic during all day and all next night, on the expiration of which you will need to repeat again the ritual of the creation of the protective sphere.


Charms And Rituals To Protect Your Home

Many kinds of hexes are made by placing of dark powers and malevolent spirits in a dwelling. Usually, for this purpose in a house are placed stealthily bewitched objects which transmit negative energy to people living in this house.
Besides, even a visiting of your house by spiteful or envious person is capable to cause “negative power contaminate” of the dwelling. Certainly, you could notice it, when after a leaving from a room of some people there is an oppressive atmosphere caused by their unusual behavior or even by an ordinary silent presence. After a time, this unpleasant sensation can disappear and be imperceptible, but the negative energy left by such people all the same will be present and suppress your personal power.
In order to avoid all these troubles, it is necessary to create an insuperable barrier to alien influences and malevolent forces. For this purpose, are used various talismans and amulets capable to protect and neutralize both usual envious looks of your neighbors and serious magical encroachments on your home.


Nails Triangle To Protect Your Home From Black Magic

Hammer in a front door (from outside) three tacks so that they formed an ascending equilateral triangle — one tack on top, two other are bottom. After that, go into the house, close the door, and say:
Three nails in this door. The first nail to stab all enemies. The second nail for protection From all bad people.
The third nail to parry any evil. All my words turn into the real, All three nails will be in work.
All this will protect your house from intrusion of evil spirit and will lower efficiency of any black magic directed on your dwelling.


Mirror Amulet To Protect Your House

Attach a little round mirror in the centre of a sieve. Hang up this amulet in your house so that an entrance door or any window would be reflected in the mirror. Then all good powers will pass into the house through holes of the sieve, and the mirror will reflect all malicious influences.


Protection Pentagram For Your Home

Cut out of a thick paper the square with sides four inches. Draw on it the enclosed in the circle the five-pointed star. Enter in this figure all magic symbols. Use for it black ink or paint in which add three pinches of salt.
Hide this talisman under a door lining on the outside of the door. You can hang up the talisman directly above the door. In this case, place it inside your house and necessarily turn the star to a wall so that the magical image was not visible. In any case, the star should have correct orientation — two rays must be directed downwards, and one ray upwards. If the star will get upturned position, you will have not protection, and on the contrary, an invitation for manifestations of the beyond.
Also, it is very important that the form of the star was correct and symmetrical — rays were equal and directed under correct corners. Otherwise, your protection can be ineffective.


Sewing Needle Ritual For Protection

On Friday after midday, buy a sewing needle, a reel of white thread and white salt. Having made all these purchases and going home, don’t greet and don’t talk with anybody. You should keep full silence until finish all magical work! Having come back home, fill a glass on half with cold water, add to water three spoons of salt and cut off from the reel about yard of the white thread. Put this thread into the glass with salty water and make the three sign of the cross over it. When the thread has become wet, get it from water and to thread the needle. Tie together the ends of the thread with a triple knot. Take the needle in the right hand, touch a jamb of a front door with the needlepoint and move it so along all length of the jamb. Start this movement on a side of the top door hinge. If the hinge at the left side of the door, move from left to right, then downward, from right to left and upward to the same hinge. If the hinge at the right side of the door, move the needle downward, from right to left, then upward and from left to right. All time the needlepoint touches the hinge with light press. Having finished this action, stick the needle in the top corner of the doorjamb above the hinge, and say:

The needle as a steel lance, Stab up all enemies and foes, Ward off all disasters.
Thus you receive “lightning conductor” for neutralization of directed on you and on your home negative energy. This protection works approximately one year, after the expiration of it, you must replace the needle and the thread. Uttering the protective incantation, cautiously remove the needle from the jamb:
Black to black, white to white, Dead to dead, and alive to alive.
At once after that, go to a lonely place, and bury the needle with the thread in a ground.
If you suspect that on you and on your family are constantly directed various nocuous influences, replace the needle more often — once a month or once a week. But in all case do it on Friday evening.


Four Needle Protection Charm For Your House

You will need four big needles, a scissors, a white thread, a white candle, salt, and a white paper. On Sunday evening, light the candle and turn out all electric illumination in your house. Cut out of paper four long strips and draw on them the magical symbols and names of the supreme magical forces with black ink.
When ink has dried completely, wrap these strips around each of four needles, and tie round them with threads which fasten by a triple knot.
Drip a droplet of melted wax of the candle on knot of the first magical scroll and say:
Baraba galaksa odvam.
Say when the wax has sigillated the second scroll:
Lamago korada obigadas.
The knot of third scroll must be sealed by the wax and the words:
Goda sadus magal.
The fourth scroll is sealed forever at that moment when you say:
Karda lama optat.
Having made all these actions, hide the needles on four corners of your house. The first needle must be hidden in the western corner of the house, the second needle in the east corner, the third in the northern, and the fourth in the southern. You can hide them under plinths, under wallpaper or in cracks of the floor. In any case, all needles must be completely imperceptible and inaccessible to nobody.
These amulets can work during five years. When this date has passed, it is necessary to repeat all magic again, and old needles must be buried deeply in a ground or thrown in a river.


Moon Magic Incantation To Protect Your Home

All magic actions must be made in the morning of the first Saturday just after the new moon. Cut from a paper the square with sides three inches. Write the nine numbers on it with black ink. Necessarily enter all numbers in the square on their serial value — at the beginning write number 1, then 2, 3, 4 and so on. At writing each number, repeat the incantation. Before to write a number say:
Maga abe abu lab.
Having entered it in the square, finish the begun incantation:
Ite luba abe falt.
At this moment, you must see or imagine that you see how animated by your incantation the number starts to shine with a cold bluish flame, to play by all colors of a rainbow, to get volume, new significance and power.
When all nine numbers is written, make the sign of the cross over your talisman and say:
Ausa sentoriot vene, lino mone kron.
Under action of these words, the magic numbers will begin a secret internal interaction and an external magical work. Hide the talisman under flooring in a centre of a main room of your house or immure it in east wall.


Best Talisman For Protection Against Any Evil

If you need a reliable protection against any evil, take advantage of the special talisman named “The Table of Ganaia”. This talisman is capable to protect not only from malevolent magic, but also from “phantoms of night” — creatures from the another world which don’t risk to cross the border behind that they will be completely destroyed and annihilated. Thereby, inside a zone of action of the Table of Ganaia any other magic based on dialogue with spirits is impossible. Remember about it if you have daily magical practice.
Ritual should is made on the full moon or in the first days after this. You will need salt, black ink, glue, a cardboard, a paper, and five long needles — the longer, the better. First, make the basis for the talisman. Cut out of the cardboard six or more right-angled cards — the quantity depends on thickness of the cardboard. Size of the cards is 2.5 on 4 inches. Two of them leave as they are, and cut out an internal part on the others cards — the cutting is a square 0.8 inches on side.
Glue all cards which have the cut on one of the entire cards so that the hollow with depth in 0.5 inches was formed .
Draw all magical symbols on the second entire plate with a black ink .
Cut out of paper seven squares slightly less than 0.8 inches on side so that they could
freely fit into the hollow in the cardboard plate. Draw the magical symbols on them with a black ink.

Place all these squares sequentially in the hollow of the plate. Start the laying with the square and finish with the square. Glue the cardboard with symbols atop of the plate — the picture is directed outside.
Take one of needles and pierce by it through the plate in that place where the left top symbol is depicted on the cardboard. When the needle has passed through all cardboard plate, you must say:
Barab galah odvah.
Further, you pierce the right bottom symbol and through cardboard plate by the second needle. In this case, you say:
Lamago korada abigas.
Then comes turn of the third needle that pierces the right bottom symbol. Your incantation at this moment is:
Goada sadus magal.
The fourth needle pierces the top right symbol with your words:
Karda lamal opar.
Pierce by the fifth needle the centre of the plate — the needle pierces the upper cardboard, penetrates through the seven symbols on the paper squares and goes out through the bottom of the plate. When it has taken place, you must say:
Saras kadas vadas.
Level all five needles on length so that the plate will be on the middle of all needles. The talisman is ready to action. You can place it in any place of your house. But remember that the Table of Ganaia shows the greatest efficiency only when it is correct oriented. That is, all needles points must be directed downwards — towards a ground. The side of the talisman plate on which the top symbols are located must be directed to east. The left side of the talisman must be northward directed.
If the Table of Ganaia will be turned wrongly, its efficiency considerably decreases. If needles points will be directed upwards, the Table ceases to operate completely. But as soon as you will give right position to this device, it does the work.
Per se, the Table of Ganaia is “lightning conductor” — a catcher of nocuous influences coming from four parts of the world in any of seven days of week. This talisman accepts on
itself destructive energy blow directed on a home and on those who live in it, successfully neutralizes bad influences and directs the residual negative power to a ground.
Besides obvious bad influences, other magic actions can be directed on you and on your family — it can be different love spells or a compulsion to unprofitable decisions for you. If all this was made at that moment when you were under protection of the Table of Ganaia, there is nothing at all to be afraid. If you borrowed negative power, when you was outside of the house, as soon as you again appear under the protection, wholesome influence of the talisman will be promoting a fast deliverance from all black energies.



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