Free Magic Spells Using Oils, Ointments



1/4 ounce almond oil, 15 drops lemon oil, 5 drops rose geranium oil,
9 drops orange oil, 1 drop cinnamon oil, 4 drops thyme oil, 14 drops lavender oil,
2 drops ginger oil. flower: thymegem: clear quartz



1/4 ounce almond oil 10 drops lemon oil 7 drops jasmine oil
7 drops rosemary oil 17 drops chamomile oil 5 drops sandalwood oil


13 drops of sandalwood essential oil 9 drops of vanilla essential oil or extract
3 drops of jasmine essential oil 1 drop of rose essential oil
Mix prior to a full moon. Charge in a clear container or vial in the light of the full moon.
Use to anoint candles or yourself for full moon rituals or just when you feel like you need
the moons energy.


Protection Oils are used to anoint any manner of objects in order to
enhance the purity of spiritual vibrations. This 1 is best made on The Dark of the Moon.
* 1 dram-sized bottle * 1/2 dram Sweet Almond Oil * 3 drops Amber Oil
* 1 drop Jasmine Oil * 7 drops Dark Musk Oil (Plain Musk may be substituted)
* 5 drops Rue Oil * 3 small pieces Dragon's Blood Resin * 1 pinch coarse Sea Salt
Add the ingredients and shake, to mix well, after each addition.


* 1 dram Patchouli Oil * 1 dram each of Frankincense Oil & Myrrh Oil
* 1 tsp. broken pieces of Mandrake Root * 3 heaping tsp. coarse Sea Salt
Simmer over a low-heat in an enamel pan. Let cool. Pour into small bottles and charge.


* 2-4 Cups of Spring Water, as a base * 1 Tble. Powdered Iron or Iron Shavings
* 1 tsp. Vervain * 2 Tble. Sea Salt * 2 Tble. of each frankincense & Myrrh
* A pinch of Wolf's hair from a live, shedding Wolf (ask a local Zoo keeper)


To Induce You will need:
1/2 oz carrier oil 12 drops bergamot 3 drops lavender 3 drops cypress
Directions: In 1/2 oz of carrier oil (I used apricot kernel, sweet almond would also be good),
mix 12 drops of bergamot, 3 drops lavender and 3 drops cypress.
To increase the benefits of your sleep, apply a few drops behind your ears,
spreading the excess out over your jawline.
Do this immediately before bed.
This is a good oil blend for people who have trouble falling asleep at night,
or for people who sleep restlessly.


2 part carnation petals 1 part Anise seed 1 part cinnamon
Use 2 tablespoons of this mixture to 2 oz. oil. add a piece of Galangal root to each bottle.
I would put some in your bath before any confrontations.
Also use as a perfume on your pulse points.
Carry a Galangal root, John the Conqueror root.
With snake root or Indian tobacco in a small bag.
Anointed in the oil and to give added punch van van oil.
I also would carry a horse chestnut dressed in van van oil.


* 1 dram Hazelnut Oil * 1 dram Fir Oil
* 1 pebble from Tinthele (the crystal cave where Merlin slept), or a pebble indigenous to your area.
* 1 sprig sacred oak from England which has been struck by lightning, but you may use any Oak sprig.


To make an oil that will help attract the attention of others, mix together twenty drops of synthetic
musk, two drops of jasmine, and one drop of ylang ylang in a small bottle and leave where the
full moonlight can strike it for three nights. Be sure to bring it inside before the Sun can find it.
Meanwhile, leave a rose petal, a small piece of crystal quartz, and 1/8teaspoon of powdered
cinnamon in a place where the Sun can see them, making sure to move them before moonlight
can strike them. On the forth day, mix together the two sets of ingredients and leave in a dark
place. Wear when you wish to draw love and admiration to yourself.
It will also enable your employers to see what they love about your work for them.


6 drops of Patchouli oil 6 drops of Sandalwood oil 6 drops of Rose oil
6 drops of Clove oil 6 drops of Nutmeg oil 6 drops of Olive oil
Wear as a perfume whenever you'll be in the presence of the person you're trying to attract.
Be careful, this stuff is really potent. And don't be surprised if you find others eyeing you as well.
I find it's pretty effective for getting a man's attention. I would probably suggest substituting
amber oil for the rose oil in order to attract a woman.


--seven drops rose oil Seven drops sandalwood oil One clove Seven drops lavender
--Seven times that measure of sweet almond oil


1/2 teaspoon dried yarrow 1/2 teaspoon dried sweet basil
1 teaspoon powdered myrrh 3 drops rose oil
3 drops lavender oil 1/2 cup olive oil


To make a personal protection oil blend together the oils of rosemary, rose geranium, and
cypress. This oil is also used to anoint candles and is added to protective cleansing baths.


A Handfasting is a Witch's wedding ceremony. This oil how ever, can be used by any couple,
regardless of their marital status! It is one of the few magical oils that contains a dried herb
mixed in with the essences. This is often given to Witch couples on the eve of their Handfasting.
The formula:
Gardenia: for peace and harmony
Musk: for passion and courage
Jasmine: for continuing love
Rose Geranium: for protection against adversity.
Blend together (using the eyedropper, a drop at a time) until the scent
seems perfect. Make up two ounces or so. Then add one pinch dried yarrow.
Yarrow is used in love and marriage spells since it has the power to keep a couple together for
7 years. Seven is the number of Venus, the planet of love. When finished, pour into twin crystal jars.
One of these is given to the woman, the other to the man. Every night the couple should anoint
one another, using their own jars. When seven nights have passed, the oils should be
blended together, poured into one of the jars, and the other jar should be hidden in some secret place.


A famous, controversial oil. There are several variations in the recipe, but all are very earthy
and passionate fragrances. The man who wears this should be prepared for anything!
Start with a base of musk and patchouli. Add cinnamon, carnation, and vanilla oils.
Blend and add until the scent seems right to you. Blend on Tuesday.
This oil should only be worn by men. It doesn't always smell great, but it works as an
aphrodisiac and the results can be quite amazing!


For women who wish to become more attractive (absolutely magnetic) to men, wear this oil.
On a Friday night blend together Jasmine, red rose, a drop of lavender (no more!), a bit of
musk, and ylang ylang oils. This oil should only be worn by women wishing to attract men.


East Wind, the wind of intelligence: Lavender
South Wind, the wind of passion and change: Musk
West Wind, the wind of love and emotions: Rose
North Wind, the wind of riches: Honeysuckle
Wear the appropriate oil when desiring a change in that area of your life.
Also wear to boost spells you may also be working.
South Wind is the catch-all; if your wish doesn't fall into any of the other
categories, use South Wind.


On a Friday evening when the Moon is waxing gather a little orris root, an earthen bowl and
a quantity of pure olive oil. If you are a woman also have a vial of jasmine oil; patchouli will do for.
Lay a pink cloth on the altar. Light pink candles. Pour the orris root into the earthen bowl,
then add about half a cup of olive oil. Stir with the forefinger of your strong hand seven times
clockwise. Now add the essential oil, no less than three drops, no more than seven.
Place the bowl on the altar. Gaze into it, infusing the oil with your desire for love.
Enchant it by saying:
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love.
Simple and to the point, right? You might want to substitute a favorite love poem or sonnet.
Pour the oil into a jar and cork it tightly. Leave in a dark place, surrounded by the pink altar
cloth, for 7 days. Upon the next Friday night uncork the bottle, strain and then store in the
same bottle until needed. Love oil should only be worn by its creator.


1 T of any base carrier oil 4 drops primrose, cinnamon or sage oil
4 drops lavender or rose 2 drops sandalwood oil


One part sandalwood oil One part patchouli oil One part clove bud oil
One part frankincense oil One part nutmeg oil


Broken-up Oak Leaves Grape Oil (or Sunflower Oil)
1 pinch of Sea Salt 1 Acorn
Blend ingredients and simmer on low heat in an enamel pan.
Remove from burner and let cool.
Place it in a small bottle or bowl that will only be used to charge and anoint items such
as candles in your Magic Circle.
To charge the oil itself, bring it into your Magic Circle or sacred space.


2 drmas Hazelnut Oil 1 pinch Seaweed
1 small pebble 1 Seashell A pinch of Sea Salt
Warm all ingredients in an enamel pan. Let cool. Pour into tiny bottles
or jars and use it to anoint candles and in spells.

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