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The main space force responsible for business relations belongs to planet Mercury. The element assisting to get money is Earth. The moon angel who is watching for money movement is Avahel. Jove is capable to give valuable advices how to raise and spend money, and Mars how them to take away. Saturn can deprive you of all your earned savings and result in full poverty. Sun grants the general material success and helps in an inheritance. The force of Water, as well as the force of Saturn, is not the best adviser in the world of money and business. Fire influence is similar to influence of Mars. And Air in this subject maintains neutrality. Joining of all these influences gives all variety of destinies. The destiny proposes set of ways for getting money and for dealing with them. You can and must make the choice, otherwise, instead of you it will be made by others.
Surely you have observed situations when good luck had come to you without special efforts, or on the contrary, any your hopes and actions already beforehand were doomed to disappointment and failure. Of course, it is difficult to change a destiny completely, especially if it is connected with destinies of other people, but in any case, you always can choose a decision most suitable for you to receive a maximum of benefit or to reduce to minimum material losses.

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